(Star Helpers and Man's Origin)

Have you ever felt that the earth was not your home? Or that you have a special mission to do to help the Earth and the inhabitants to move into a new age of Peace and Harmony? Have you had difficulty understand how one individual can seek to harm another individual or animals intentionally? Do you peridoically hear audio tones or did you have an individual friend as a playmate when you were young? If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, you might want to be read on, as you could be what is called a Star Person or a Wanderer.

The Star People and Wanderers are "ET Souls" who have incarned into human form at this time to help the Mother Earth as she prepares to take a quantum leap in her planetary evolution. A number of good books have been written on this subject, below are three we recommend and from who we shall quote from in this section of the V J UFO pages:

The information in this section comes from a variety of sources. First in my own UFO book, UFOs, Space Brothers & the Aquarian Age, written in 1987, I tried to summarize what the Star People or Wanderers were all about as during my networking journeys (in the early part of the 1980's), I met a number of people who I felt had this affinity, including myself to the Wanderers. (California was a rich spot if I could say so!). So you see some brief quotes from the first two books listed above.

Then in this year (1996) I had a chance to read the last book by Scott Mandelker and met him in person at the Star Knowledge UFO Conference in Wagner, South Dakota. I expect in 1997 to begin to work with Scott related to our crystal skull event as well as help other Star People and Wanderers awaken as we near a time of more cooperation. Scott consented to allow us to share one of his interviews which discusses his personal experiences and motivation to write his book.

One key point I wish to state however, is whether you soul has a connection with the Stars or not, I truly believe that no soul on this planet originated here, that we are migrated here at some point related to our own inner spiritual growth ... it is just now, at this critical stage of the planet's transformation, additional assistance has been required and millions of souls volunteered to help ... in some way the Star People in particular, are at a disadvantage because the way we live our earth life is so different than they are accustomed too and intense emotions can literally drive them loony tunes!!

So sit back and read about these special helpers who are here to help awaken humanity to their spiritual essence!


* -- I had such a profund connection with this book, that when BE Books asked if I would write the forward for the re-published edition of Mr. Williams work, I could not resist!!

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