Is this Mask
from an
Alien Face?

I received the following image and background information from Sentinel, who has been in contact with an anonymous source of UFO related materials. One of the other gems we received through this source is the Hill Top Memo, supposedly a manufactured secret document. Again, as with all information from anonymous source, each reader must decide if the material present could be further support and evidence of UFOs and in this case, Alien Contact by humanity in the past as demonstrated by the mask you see above. For some reason, when I see this mask, I keep thinking of the Fish Gods talked about in Sumerian/Abyssian legends ... ala Zecharia Sitchin ... oh well ...



What the viewer sees in the image is a picture of a wooden "MASK:" The actual wooden "Mask" was leaked to one of our sources in 1994 by an agent of Gorden Liddy's. The other images show what has been determined to be "National Security Agency" (NSA) and USAF labels on the bottom and lower back bottom of the wooden mask. At this writing we have not determined what this "Mask" represents: But, if it is "Alien" in nature then the question is it ancient or modern? If it is modern then could it represent the helmets worn at the reported 1964 landing at Holloman AFB in New Mexico or some other contact? If ancient then perhaps a rendition of a far distant "Alien" contact or something else?

One source reported that he saw this same mask at NSA in 1982. The important question here would be is why would NSA or USAF collect such items? Have they started an archeology division at either of these two agencies?? Further investigation is proceeding but for now it just a fascinating curiosity from your local government agencies?

anonymous source