UFO FAQ by Cram
( Part I, Sections 0-5 )

=== 0.1: About alt.alien.visitors 

Alt.alien.visitors is a Usenet discussion group available through  
internet. It was the original UFO related discussion group available  
on Usenet. It caters to a wide rage of UFO related discussion from New  
Age UFOlogy to Scientific UFOlogy. It currently receives around 80  
messages daily.  More recently a.a.v has been joined on Usenet by  
alt.paranet.* groups which also cover UFO related material.  
Although the Newsgroup is called alt.alien.visitors, both the group  
and the FAQ cover the whole field of UFOs, which depending on your  
viewpoint may or may not be the same as alien visitations. In addition  
to UFOs and alien visitation the group also includes discussion about  
life elsewhere in the universe and if they are coming here how they  
might get here. 
This FAQ is designed to answer questions of people who are new to this  
Usenet discussion group, and designed to be a useful reference source  
to those interested in all aspects of UFOlogy. 
Examples of UFO related material carried by other networks : 
        Wildnet UFO Conference 
        FIDO UFO Conference 
        MUFONET (primarily in the USA) 
        UFONET (primarily in the UK, also at least one USA node) 
        PARANET (primarily USA, some parts relayed to Usenet) 
Some UFO material also appears in alt.paranormal on Usenet, but this  
tends to be cross posts of material which also appears in a.a.v.  
=== 0.20: Posting to alt.alien.visitors 

The following idea was suggested by matthews_k@cubldr.colorado.edu and  
is taken from mwauford@UTKUX1.UTK.EDU (Melissa Wauford)'s "***  
REC.ARTS.TV POSTING GUIDELINES ***". I have adapted it to fit  
alt.alien.visitors, and I feel that this is an excellent idea. I would  
recommend that you use this system when posting to alt.alien.visitors. 
alt.alien.visitors can be a controversial newsgroup with a wide  
variety of discussed topics. A few topics may generate more traffic  
than others and may contain subject matter related to UFOlogy that  
others wish to filter out or concentrate upon.  In order to allow  
those who use rn or some other method of pre-selecting articles to  
filter out (or save away)postings about these heavy traffic subjects,  
an abbreviation scheme has been created.  Please help out by starting  
your subject line with one of the following abbreviations when posting  
about these topics. For example: 
Subject: HOT - Dancing Aliens 
Subject: OP: Grey finger snacks,(the trick is in how you fold them) 
New abbreviations will be added as needed. Send suggestions directly  
to me, and I'll add them to the list. Objections to any abbreviations  
should probably be posted so that a consensus may be reached. Old  
abbreviations will be deleted when no longer necessary. 
Suggested Abbreviations by matthews_k@cubldr.colorado.edu: 
[revised by Fsdlk@acad3.alaska.edu] 
 ABD = Abduction information 
  CE = Pertaining to UFO sightings and phenomena, Close Encounters, 
       alien contact 
  HA = Jokes & silliness 
 HOT = Someone flaming someone else 
 INV = Postings about alien invasions and conspiracies  
MISC = Other categories like Atlantis/Mu/Spacemen, etc... 
  NA = New Age stuff NEWS = UFO related news, upcoming conventions. 
  OP = Opinions 
 REP = Repostings of older post like Lear, Cooper, etc.. 
 SCI = Scientific (preferably not pseudo) findings on UFO related  

=== 0.3: Hints on Posting 
Alt.alien.visitors is not a moderated group, which means that just  
about anybody can post just about anything.  This arrangement will  
only work if people who post to a.a.v. behave in a reasonable manner.   
The following guidelines are suggested : 
(1)  Give every post a subject heading which describes as clearly as 
     possible the content of the message 
(2)  Try to stay on topic.  Do not post on subjects that are clearly  
     unrelated to the newsgroup.  Take them to the appropriate news  
     group for discussion.  If your comments are a message to a  
     specific person then use email rather than post to the whole  
(3)  Messages are received by people in many different countries.  
     Different countries use different formats for dates.  In the USA,  
     for example, people would read 3/7/94 as the 7th day of March  
     1994.  In the UK the same string would mean the 3rd day of July  
     1994. Confusion will be reduced if people always quote the month  
     either in full or by the first three letters e.g. 3 Aug 94. 
(4)  Be selective in the material you quote from earlier messages.  Do  
     not completely repost other peoples postings and then write your 
     opinion about it.  Selectively edit the the post to get the  
     information you need from it to make your point. 
(5)  The subjects of UFOs and possible alien visitation are  
     controversial. Many people have many different ideas about the      
     origins of UFOs and alien visitors.  It is unlikely that  
     everybody will agree with every post made.  Constructive  
     critisism of ideas is encouraged, but do not get into 'flame  
     wars' or hurling abuse.  There are so few hard facts in this area  
     that the person you think is an idiot may end up being correct.   
     Be tolerant of the other person's view. 
(6)  UFOs and aliens can also be a source of ridicule from some  
     people. Occasionally these people will send a message like 'UFOs  
     don't exist'; 'you are all nuts' or 'get a life'.  Ignore them,  
     it is unlikely that they will be hanging around to read any  
     follow-ups posted and it just wastes bandwidth. 
(7)  If you are sending a message informing readers that a TV  
     programme or somethingelse is on at a specific time, remember to  
     state the channel and where it can be seen.  For example, in the  
     UK we have several channels broadcast by Sky TV.  But there are  
     channels in other parts of the world also called Sky. Better than  
     saying 'tonight' state the actual day/date,  some systems may not  
     get the message out on the same day you write it.  If you include  
     the time either use the 24 hour clock or state explicitly if it  
     is am or pm, and include the time zone. 
(8)  Avoid posting the same message to several newsgroups.  Many  
     people read a number of related newsgroups.  It is a waste of  
     bandwidth and everybody's time to read the same message several  
     times.  With the spread of Usenet more people are obtaining their  
     news by dialup connections.  It is costing these people real  
     money to download redundant messages. 
(9)  The idea of Usenet is communication.  Do not waste everybody's  
     time by giving previous posters spelling or grammar lessons.   
     Although Usenet is distributed to many universities and colleges,  
     not everybody has a PhD in english.  There are many different  
     spellings of words in the different forms of english spoken  
     around the world. 
Although designed for alt.alien.visitors, these suggestions could be  
applied to both other Usenet groups and to other networks. 
=== 0.4: Example Posting 

Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors 
From: jonnY@BA.DOE.edu (John Doe) 
Subject: OP: Roswell Incident 
Date: Fri, 31 Apr 1992 16:54:39 GMT 
In article <1597o38cc.040316.26314>truth@less.Dis.Info.edu (Ima Lier) 
>.. it was in 1936 when the UFO crashed at Roswell ...  
>Plus there were no witnesses!! Not a single person could be found  
>to bring forth testimony. 
According to my sources it happened in 1947 and lots of people saw it. 
How can you say... [Etc.] 

=== 0.5: People who post to alt.alien.visitors 

Readers and writers of a.a.v. are made up of: 
A) People that have had contact.(Rarely post... obvious reasons)  
B) Government paid disinformation people. (Poor to fair fiction)  
C) Questioning/Inquiring minds (post weak questions, but mean well)  
D) Wanderers (Just passing through, make snide remarks if any)  
E) A few who think aliens are out there but haven't/won't come here.  
F) A few who think aliens are with us know but have had no contact.  
G) Aliens (Grey, life sucking, invader of utopia)  
H) Guys like me that just can't unsubscribe from this group. (It's  
   just to much fun. Life looks darker and things aren't very clear.  
   (guess this belongs in alt.consp....) But when all else falls  
   through pull up a.a.v. and smile. Someone is always a little worse  
   off than you are and here is one sure fired place to find one. 
I) People who are not contactees, or new-agers, or sceptics, but are  
   simply interested in high-strangeness phenomenon of all sorts (and  
   generally try not to post snide comments or be simple minded!) 
Main Source: rocko@ireland.NoSubdomain.NoDomain (Rick O'leary)  
Other Contributors: 
MATTHEWS_K@CUBLDR.Colorado.EDU (Kellie Matthews) 


===1. Terminology and Definitions Used in UFOlogy 1.01: Astronomical Units (A.U.) An A.U. is a measurement of space. One A.U. is the distance from the earth to the sun. 1.02: a.a.v. alt.alien.visitors is one of the many Usenet discussion groups. 1.03: What is a UFO? A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. It is "Something seen in the sky (or on the land, or expceptionally in the water, but thought capable of flight) which the witness could not identify and thought sufficently strange to report to either an offical or unoffical investigating body". A UFO is the stimulus for a UFO report made by a UFO witness. UFO researchers (often called UFOlogists) study UFO reports and witnesses. UFO researchers cannot directly study UFOs. There are some reports in the literature of different governments recovering craft thought to cause UFO reports, but most of these reports are speculative. The study of UFO reports is referred to as UFOlogy. This implies a scientific basis to the study, when in practice very little scientific research is carried out. After careful investigation about 90% of all UFO reports can be reasonably explained as either natural phenomena or misidentification of normal manmade devices. Sometimes the term IFO is used for these Identified Flying Objects. Those cases which are identified as natural phenomena are often rare or short lived and are worthy of study in their own right. In the early days of investigation used interchangably with the term 'Flying Saucer'. More recently the term Flying Saucer has fallen into disuse, although some researchers use it as a term to specifically refer to an extraterrestrial spacecraft. 1.04: What is an alien? According to my dictionary : ALIEN - belonging to another : a foreign-born resident of a country in which he is not naturalized Therefore the term alien means, more or less, somebody or something that is in the wrong place. It should be noted that whilst extraterrestrial beings might be a sub-group of aliens, not all aliens are (necessarily) extra-terrestrial. Some people use the term 'space aliens' to refer explicitly to extraterrestrial beings. 1.05: Classification of UFO Reports The main classification of UFO reports in use is based upon one used by Dr J. Allen Hynek in his book "The UFO Experience" (Aberlard- Schuman 1972. It should be noted that many other classification systems have been devised by other researchers. Briefly the Hynek system (with the most commonly used extensions) is : NL (nocturnal light) A simple visual sighting of a unidentified flying light seen at night. This group contains 35 to 40 percent of all UFO reports. ND (nocturnal disc) A simple visual sighting of a unidentified flying extended or structured light source seen at night. (This is an extension to Hynek's system. DD (daylight disc) A simple visual sighting of a UFO with distinct shape seen during the day. Radar Cases UFOs detected by radar alone. In more recent years fewer cases involving radar have hit the press. This could be because of a number of factors, for example the government is better at suppressing these reports, or there has been a change in the nature of the phenomenon which makes it less detectable or that many of the early reports were the result of spurious events and false positives which are handled better by more modern equipment. Radar Visual Cases UFOs observed visually whilst being simulataneously on radar. From Hynek's study these make up 1 to 2% of reports. Close Encounters of the first kind (CE1, CEI) As first defined by Hynek, a CE1 is an observation of a UFO within 150 yards. Close Encounters of the second kind (CE2, CEII) A UFO which leaves some form of physical evidence Example: A burn where the UFO appeared to touch the ground or the finding of material of unknown makeup. Close Encounters of the third kind (CE3, CEIII) A visual sighting of an occupant or entity associated with a UFO. An analysis by Hynek of 650 reports found only 1% to be CE3. These entities are sometimes called UFOnauts. As well as entities seen inside a craft, entities have been described as sampling soil, rocks and plants or might communicate with the witness. These witnesses are sometimes referred to as contactees. As well as communication, the witness may report that they were invited on board a craft or even taken for a trip. Although included with UFOs, when dealing with contactees the researcher is dealing with a case of something clearly identified by the witness as some form of craft (without specifying the origin of that craft). Strictly speaking the object is no longer unidentified. (Close Encounters beyond the third kind are extensions to the basic Hynek system. Different authors have used the same designation to mean different things.) Close Encounters of the fourth kind (CE4, CEIV) An abduction of an individual by an alien being or race. The most famous of these being the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in September 1961. (Hynek included this case in his CE3 category.) Although in recent years abductions have, because of their spectacular nature, received a great deal of publicity, they constitute only a small proportion of all UFO reports. Close Encounters of the fifth kind (CE5, CEV) Sometimes used to represent a direct contact or communication with alien being or race. For example: Billie Meier with the Pleiadians, U.S.Govt. with the Greys, or channeling. Other researchers have used this classification for strange beings that have been reported, but without the obvious presence of a 'craft'. These beings are generally seen in the witnesses house at night. Their description is similar to the beings seen associated with UFOs in abduction and contactee cases. Sometimes they are called 'bedroom visitors', the same set of reports have been classified as CE0 (zero) and CE9 by other groups of researchers. It must be remembered that, after careful investigation, over 90% of UFO reports can be reasonably explained as manmade or natural phenomena. The late Charles H. Gibbs-Smith (aviation historian to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London) had something he called Gibbs- Smith's rule which is worth keeping in mind when studying UFO reports. It states that "the strangeness of a case increases in proportion to the distance, in either time or geographical distance, between the investigator and the location of the report."
=== 2. About UFOs and Related Phenomena 2.01: When did it all start? The modern era of UFO reports is held to have started with the report by a Boise, Idaho business man, Kenneth Arnold. On 24th June 1947 near Mount Rainier, Washington State he reported nine strange objects flying in formation. There were earlier reports than this. During World War II pilots on both sides reported strange lights which followed their aircraft. Each side thought that these were some secret weapon of the other side. These became known as Foo Fighters. There were earlier cases, but these are more suspect. For example, in the year 810 A.D. the emperor Charlemane is reported as being thrown from his horse when it was startled by a silver ball which flew down from the sky. 2.02: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) For many years there have been small unco-ordinated projects to search for evidence to extraterrestrial life. These have been mainly by looking for unexpected radio transmissions using radio-telescopes. Over the past couple of years NASA has funded a co-ordinated effort to scan the whole sky over a wide range of frequencies. The SETI project was cut from the 1994 NASA budget, however donations have been obtained from a number of individuals which will allow it to continue as a private project but at a lower level of activity. 2.03 What do we really know about life elsewhere in the universe? There has been much speculation about life elsewhere in the universe. Unless UFO contactee and abductee reports are evidence of visitation by beings from elsewhere in the universe, there is very little evidence. Much of the speculation centres around something called tha Drake Equation. This attempts to estimate the number of civilisations in the universe by using a number of inprecise variables. The only planet where we have firm evidence of there being civilisation is a place called Earth. Evidence of planets around other star systems has relied upon complex calculations based upon minute variations in the star's 'wobble' about its axis. Recent improvements in imaging systems have improved the reliability of these observations. It is likely that the smallest extra-solar planets detected are two to three times the mass of Jupiter. There is no detailed information on the structure or conditions on these planets. It is not known if any of these planets could support life. Many of the molecules believed to be essential to the formation of life have been detected in interstellar space. Amino acids have been found in some meteorites. These tend to be equal mixes of left and right handed forms, which is more likely to be the result of a chemical rather than a biological process. 2.04: Marfa Lights Marfa lights are balls of lights that appear, change different colors and dance around in the air. These lights where named after the town that they have been appearing in, Marfa Texas. They have also been sited in other areas. Some theories as to what they are include Ball lighting, Car headlights, and Alien space ships. The last current sighting I'm aware of was Marfa Texas on September 1 1992. A small booklet on the Marfa Lights has been written by Dennis Stacey, editor of the MUFON Journal, discussing many of the cases and the theories. For details contact the author or MUFON. Main Source: Sightings, FOX Network airdate September 25, 1992 2.05: Men In Black (MIB) These are a group of individuals who are said to wear black suits and drive and fly around in unmarked black cars and helicopters. They go about threatening people who have claimed to have seen UFOs into not talking about what they witnessed. The very first occurrence of MIB was traced to a man named Albert K. Bender. He was the editor of a flying saucer publication called the "Space Review" In the October 1953 issue he placed an announcement stating that he had come across information that would solve the flying saucer mystery but they could not print it because they were ordered not to. They then ended the announcement warning others in saucer work to be "very cautious" they then stopped their publications. Later in an interview Bender stated that "three men wearing dark suits" had ordered him to stop publishing flying saucer material, and that he had complied with the order because he had been "scared to death" of them. He later published a book called "Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black" Mains Source: "A Review of MIBS (Men In Black) : A History" ParaNet File Number: 00171 Published 1991 by ParaNet Information Service Also see: Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black by Albert K. Bender 2.06: Tectonic Strain Theory (TST) A theory of electromagnetic effects upon the human brain and/or the physical environment, such that all Forteana including UFOs, ghosts, ESP, sasquatch, and religious fervour can be explained as being caused by seismic activity generating electromagnetic radiation which in turn makes people think they are witnesses to an anomalous event. Alternatively, the EMM radiation can luminesce so that it appears as a UFO. Chief proponent: Michael Persinger. A variant is the "Earth Lights" hypothesis described by Paul Devereux. Main Source: rutkows@ccu.UManitoba.CA (Chris Rutkowski) 2.07: UFOnauts A term used by the UFO community in reference to the alien abductors or extraterrestrials. 2.08: Unusual Ground Markings (UGM) A broad term which includes crop circles, "tripod marks", saucer nests, burn marks, etc. Main Source: rutkows@ccu.UManitoba.CA (Chris Rutkowski) 2.09: USAF United States Air Force 2.10: Zine magazine or newsletter pertaining to a specific subject. circlezine - Crop Circle publication ufozine - UFO publication
=== 3. Alien Races These are often talked about in books, Publications and on this discussion group. [Much of this material is high speculative - SG] Over the years many different researchers have made studies of contactee, abduction and other cases where entities have been described associated with flying saucers or other UFOs. These researchers have produced reports which describe around 12 different types of alien. The most widely reported type of alien is a small grey being approximately 1.0m-1.25m in height, with large oval black eyes. Reports of this type have been widely reported by the media, perhaps as a result of the books by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and Whitley Streiber. Many abductees have described meeting european looking aliens, around 1.75m tall with long blond hair. These aliens are often referred to as 'Venusians'. They were first reported by George Adamski reporting a series of encounters in the early 1950s. He stated that they told him they were from Venus and the name has stuck since. The Channelers believe that the abductions are part of a battle between good energy forces and evil energy forces. 3.00: Arcturus Members of Confederations of Humans [will do more research later] Main Source: A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 3.01: Aryans (Blondes) Blond Nordic Humanoids who work with the greys. Said to be captured by the Reptoids and also have implants. They are said to have a tendency to switch their loyalties between the Reptoids and the Confederations of Humans. Main Source: A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 3.02: Blues (Star Warriors) The Blues are said to have translucent skin, large almond shaped eyes and small of stature. The main issue of their teaching was PURSUE YOUR PASSION, follow your own way, do your own thing, don't be pressured into being anything but what and who you are. The information about the Blues comes from Robert Morningsky a Hopi/Apache dancer. According to Morningsky the first alien contact started about 1947 - 1948 with the Greys contacting the U.S. Government to form a treaty with them. Another body of Aliens arrived, called the Blues. The Blues advised the government not to deal with the greys saying it would only lead to disaster. They told the U.S. to follow your own path. They said they would would teach with peace and harmony if men would disarm and listen. The military said no deal. So they left, but a few decided to remain and stayed in Northern Mexico and Arizona and made a treaty with the Hopi Indians. These Aliens are known by the Hopi as Star Warriors. The greys started monitoring the Blues. So the Blues had to flee the reservation and go into hiding, a few of the Elders went with them. The Hopi legend is that there were two races, the children of the feather who came from the skies, and the children of the reptile who came from under the earth. The children of the reptile chased the Hopi Indians out of the earth, these evil under-grounders were also called two hearts. Main Source: Post from: dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen) "FILE: Star Warriors",Forwarded from "contact" by Sande Van der Straten, to Cathy Emerson, Dated 23 Aug 1992, 19:29 Also See: American Indian Magic by Brad Steiger 3.03: Confederation of Humans An organization of alien groups born out of positive energy, that are helping the human race along and desire to protect them. Includes: Vega, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades and other humanoids. Main Source: A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 3.04: Greys This is the most commonly identified alien race in UFOlogy. Their are many different views, stories and theories regarding them ranging from the different New Age views to the different Scientific, and conspiracy views. Greys as presented by the Scientific Community: The Greys are the most commonly described race by abduction victims. In this view they are considered a race with an unknown motives, and agendas. They seem to be abducting, studying, testing and using various individuals for their one unclear reasons. [See: Abductions and Current Theories] Greys as presented by the New Age Movement: In the new age movement the Greys are often associated as an evil race, or a race with bad energy. They are often associated with many other races, such as the Reptoids and their motives are known. Greys as presented by Different Conspiracy Theories The different conspiracy theories are often a mix of the scientific and new age views. The standard conspiracy base states that the Greys crashed one or more of their space ships and they were found by the U.S. Government. The Government them makes a secret treaty with the Greys allowing them to abduct humans in exchange for their technology. The conspiracy theories often end with the Greys not keeping their part of the deal. [I will try and include some of the different conspiracy theories when I have more time to research them in detail] Their are descriptions of several types of Greys: they are all humanoid in appearance, a head, main body, two arms, hands, legs, and feet. 1: The most commonly seen grey is around two to four feet tall, very slender and delicate looking, small beings and light weight, extremely penetrating black slanted eyes with no pupils, almost vestigial mouth and nose, a very large head with a pointed chin. The skin color varies from dark grey to light grey, tan to tanish grey, white to pale white. They have no hair on their bodies. 2: Another commonly seen Grey is described similarly as above, except their usually six inches taller, and seem to give the orders. A variation of this same described individual is: same as above except eyes like big black buttons and are rounded. 3: Another type of Grey are the small robot like beings, stocky and little, with smooth rounded hat on top, with dark deep set holes for eyes and a round O shaped mouth, square breastplate with concentric circles on it, smell like burnt match heads, mushroom grey skin. These Greys are often said to act like security guards. Other variations are described as Reptilian like with claws an preying mantis like. There have also been many report of cross breeds that are not exactly human and not exactly Greys. Main Sources: Secret Life, by David M. Jacobs Communion, by Whitley Strieber A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 Also See: Missing Time, by Budd Hopkins Intruders, by Budd Hopkins 3.05: Orion Empire (Orion forces) Those alien groups born out of negative energy such as the Reptoids and the grays. [If this is wrong someone please correct me, I'll do more research on this later] Main Source: A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 3.06: Pleiadians The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system Pleiades. They are also from various times in our future, starting from 500 years from now to millions of years from now. The Pleiadian culture is ancient and was "seeded" from another universe of love long before Earth was created. They have formed a tremendous society which operates with love, with ideas and ideals that we are yet unfamiliar with. The Pleiadians started a project to contact and inspire earth humans to take back their power and create a better reality for themselves. They are here as ambassadors from another universe to help Earth through her transition from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and to assist each of us in our personal endeavors of awakening, remembering and knowing. As this project has become more successful, more ETs have joined the group, some from other systems. The group later changed its name from Pleiadians to the Pleiadians Plus. The Pleiadians say that their reasons for contacting us is that there is a chance of tyranny in the future and they are coming back to inspire us as much as possible so we will take charge of creating our own reality and change the future. They teach a very empowering form of personal and social metaphysics, with love and clarity. The Pleiadians speak as a collective and there are no individuals identified. They do not appear in physical form although they say they can. They say it is safer to come through the channel, and it does not attract as much attention. Billie Meier's Contact from the Pleiades Billie Meier was contacted over 130 times between 1976 and 1982 by a female named Samjese who said she was from the star system Pleiades. She was the first to telepathically contact Meier and tell him where to go for the first physical contact. Meier had indepth conversations with Samjese. The contact notes are published in following four books and are out of print: UFO ... Contact from the Pleiades Vol I & II Photo Journals (Vol I is in its second printing.) UFO ... Contact from the Pleiades Prilimary Investigation Report UFO ... Contact from the Pleiades Supplementary Investigation Report Message From the Pleiades Vol 1 & 2 Light Years There are 4 videos available on the Pleiades case. Contact $59. The Beamship Trilogy $99. The videos are available from: Genesis III Publishing, P.O. Drawer JJ, Munds Park, AZ 86017 [Also see: The Pleiades Project] There is also a book available called Bringers of the Dawn - Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak. They also have 2 to 3 hundred tapes available. Main source: Information given by Don_-_Showen@cup.portal.com Connecting Link Magazine Pleiadian article, Channeled by Barbara Marciniak 3.07: Sirius Members of Confederations of Humans [will do more research later] Main Source: A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 3.08: Reptoids A reptilian race from Draco bent on conquest, They are said to be controling the greys by means of an implant, the same one that the gray are implanting into humans. They are also said to be the master minds behind the abduction plans. Their master plan involves using the newly created 'Half-breeds' with implants to defeat the Confederations of Humans. The Reptoids also use humans as food. [Does this remind you of the movie V?] Main Source: A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 3.09: Vega Members of Confederations of Humans [will do more research later] Main Source: A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371
=== 4. Abductions and Current Theories 4.00: About Abductions There are many people who believe they have been abducted by UFOnauts. These abduction victims often experience memory loss and "missing time" - some of them have been able to recall their abductions from memory and others have recalled their abductions by the aid of hypnosis. Often these encounters involve being taken aboard an alien craft and examined by the UFOnauts and put through a variety of physical and mental procedures. Then the individuals are returned. Many of the abduction victims have shown signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of the major researchers who have studied the abduction field include Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Leo Sprinkle, John Mack, Philip Klass, John Spencer and Jenny Randles. The opinions of some skeptics such as Klass believe that the hypnotists themselves are leading the abduction victims unknowingly into believing that they have had an abduction experience. The skeptics believe that the the media has been saturated so much with the abduction material that when people having nightmares or people who believe that they have experienced the "missing time" are put under hypnosis, they draw upon what they have seen in the media to fulfill the expectations of the hypnotist and causes themselves to be put trough the trauma for that reason. They say the nightmares are often caused by the sleeping disorder narcolepsy, and the "missing time" is not an uncommon experience and is caused when the mind is preoccupied by other matters. They often give the advice to go to clinical doctors, and not to contact an abductionist. Other researchers such as Jacobs and Hopkins believe that there is something physical causing the abduction experiences. Hopkins has stated that he believes that the abduction are real and that the recounts of the abductions are to similar to each other to be anything but the truth. Jacobs takes a slightly different approach, he has been categorizing all the accounts and trying to find patterns in the testimonies. There people on the net who believe they have had personal experiences with Alien contacts or abductions. Some have posted accounts of their experiences. Many others decline to post due to attacks by skeptics. There has been possible material evidence of UFOs or Alien contacts. There are abundant material traces, even excepting those confiscated by the military. Material traces include burned grass and earth where UFOs have landed, UFOs shown on radar tapes, UFOs on film and in photos. Bodily traces on abductees include scoop-marks in the flesh, incisions, burns, apparent radiation exposure, bruises, inflammation, etc. Whether any of these is considered *evidential*, however, is a subjective value call. For anyone who is interested in abduction help call: Bill Knell Director of Island Skywatch (718)591-1854 (New York) He can get you in touch with the right people in your area and has a lot of videos, tapes and books on UFOs and abductions. He is also a very experienced researcher/investigator. Main Sources: UFO-Abductions: A Dangerous Game, by Philip Klass Secret Life, by David M. Jacobs Communion, by Whitley Strieber dfs30@DUTS.ccc.amdahl.com (Denise Solis) A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 Also See: Missing Time, by Budd Hopkins Intruders, by Budd Hopkins Perspectives by John Spencer Alien Abductions: Mystery Solved by Jenny Randiles
=== 5.0 UFOlogists 5:00: Hopkins, Budd Budd Hopkins graduated from Oberlin college. He is also a painter and sculptor. He has been investigating UFO reports for the last 12 years. Budd became interested in UFOs after seeing one himself many years ago. His primary area of study is UFO abductions. Budd Hopkins c/o Random House 201 E. 50th Street New York, NY 10022 5:01: Jacobs, Dr David David Jacobs is an Associate Professor of History at temple University. He has worked with over 300 UFO abduction witnesses. He works closely with a number of other abduction researchers including Budd Hopkins. Dr. Jacobs moderates an abduction conference on ParaNet, and is accessible via their dial-up BBS node (303-431-8797) or on Internet through a list server. [See ParaNet] Dr. David Jacobs Department of History Temple University Philadelphia, Pa 19122 5:02: Klass, Philip J. For thirty-five years a senior editor with Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, is recognized as the world's leading skeptical authority in Unidentified Flying Objects and has written three books on the subject. Klass, a graduate electrical engineer, is a founding Fellow of the Committeee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. He was honored in 1973 for his accuracy as a techjournalist by being named a Fellow at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Main Source: The about the author paragraph in UFO-Abductions: A Dangerous Game, by Philip Klass, (c)1988 5.03: Spencer, John L. John Spencer has been a Council member of the British UFO Research Association since 1980 and has written a number of books on UFOs and the Paranormal. Apart from books published in his own right, he has co-edited with Hilary Evans "Phenomenon" and "UFOs 1947-87". He may be contacted at: The Leys, 2c Leyton Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2TL, U.K. 5:04: Marciniak, Barbara J. Barbara J. Marciniak is an internationally known trance channel from North Carolina. She began channeling in 1988. The strength and purity of the message she is bringing very quickly captured the hearts of many seekers looking to be all that they can be. Barbara has channeled at various Expos and for groups across the United States, in Peru and in Germany. You may contact Barbara at: Bold Connections Connecting Link Magazine P. O. Box 6521, 9392 Whitneyville Rd. Raleigh, NC 27628. Alto, MI. 49302-9694 5:05: Randles, Jenny Jenny Randles 37 Heathbank Road Stockport, Cheshire SK3 0UP

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