UFO FAQ by Cram
( Part II, Sections 6-10 )

=== 6. UFO Projects & Theories & Controversies 
There are many theories of UFO origins.  These include that UFOs (and 
associated aliens) are some form of advanced technology, perhaps 
extraterrestrial; that UFOs might be time travellers; that UFOs might 
be some form of new natural phenomenon; and the UFOs might be some  
form of psychic phenomenon. 
In common with other cases where there are more than two theories to  
explain an event, nobody really knows what the true explanation is. 

6.00: Aurora Project or "deep black" projects 

The "Black Projects" are governmental projects that are considered 
technological secrets. These can range from laser and particle beams  
to top secret aircraft. The "Aurora Project" is the name given to one  
of these types of projects by the industry experts involving two new  
types of reported aircraft. These aircraft where observed in the south  
west US and are said to have been developed at highly classified  
government facilities in the Nevada desert. There are two types of  
advanced aircraft reported. 
One is nick named the "Pulser" aircraft. There have been many sights  
of this aircraft by several different  witnesses. When sighted it has 
repetitively been described as "A high-speed aircraft characterized by  
a very loud, deep, rumbling engine noise (1-2 Hz pulse rate)  
reminiscent of heavy-lift rockets."  The smoke trail of the aircraft  
is described as being segmented and in a linked sausage shape. (Or  
another good example would be to look at one side of your coat zipper,  
un-zipped, with the teeth facing you) It is also described as a high- 
altitude aircraft that crossed the sky at extremely high speeds. Both  
ground based and airborne observers have reported it to be seen flying  
at altitudes above 50,000 ft. observers have reported see the aircraft  
as a single bright light that seldom changed direction, however speed  
changes where observed. One observer estimated that it covered 350  
miles in 6 minutes. (3500 miles/hr) 
This aircraft may indeed exist. There has been research in to  
what are called Pulsed Detonation Engines (PED's) also refereed to as  
Pulsed Detonation Wave Engines. These are different type of engine  
than the pulse jet engines, which is already publicly know, and has  
been tested in aircraft. The PED's are said to be in laboratory and  
computer analysis level of development (reported oct of 91) The PED's  
exhaust emission produces smoke trails that closely match the pulser  
aircraft. Simulations of theses engines are said to be able to propel  
large aircraft in the "Mach 0.2-3.0 flight regime" 
How PED's work: PED's use shock waves created in a detonation to  
compress the fuel-oxidizer mixture prior to combustion. A cylinder  
chamber designed to support the detonation is constructed with a flat  
forward end which makes up the thrust wall. Air along with fuel is fed  
into the engine from behind the thrust-wall. The detonation wave  
created travels forward to the thrust wall at about Mach 4 and  
compresses the fuel-air mixture, promotes supersonic combustion and  
causes a pressure rise in the engine. The wave then strikes the thrust  
wall and rebounds accelerating the combustion products towards the  
nozzle. Some of the products are ejected by the wave to the outside  
air-stream through the air inlet openings creating a toroidal vortex  
out side the engine. Then the cycle repeats. 
The said advantages of this type of engine are:  
* Theoretically a higher fuel efficiency than a "constant pressure  
* Engines can be produced in many sizes and thrust outputs from a few  
  inches in diameter at a thrust of several pounds to  larger one that  
  can output in the thousands of pounds range.  
* They have high thrust to weight ratio (ie.lighter engine, more  
* They are mechanically simple, and have few moving parts.  
* They could operate in or out of the atmosphere using fuel oxidizers. 
There is very little information on the other reported aircraft. It is 
reported as "A triangular-shaped, quiet aircraft". This craft has been 
seen by many observers and flying with several F-117 stealth aircraft. 
Main Sources: 
Aviation Week & Space Technologies, (Oct 1, 90 pp20-23) &  
  (oct 28, 91 pp68-69) 
Also See: 
Aviation Week & Space Technologies [please note: one of these dates is  
December 24, 1990 pg. 41-44         a couple days off, on the actual 
June 20,     1991 pg. 20-21         magazine date.] 
March 9,     1992 pg. 66-67 
May 11,      1992 pg. 62-63 

6.02: NASA Footage September 10th 

Space Ice or an alien craft dodging a missile. That's the big debate  
on the footage taken by an unmanned camera on the space shuttle. One  
side says that it is space Ice accelerated by the space shuttles  
thrusters. The other side says the excelleration of some the objects  
don't follow the correct paths don't match physics. They speculate its  
a alien craft dodging a Starwars missile. 
Main source: Sightings, FOX Network, airdate September 25, 1992 

6.03: Planetoid (Wormwood) 

Beyond Pluto astronomers believe there is a ring of ice chunks  
circling the solar system 37 to 59 A.U. from the sun. They have called  
the ice belt the Kuiper belt. Beyond that astronomers say there is a  
similarly composed Oort cloud which forms a sphere around our  
planetary system that stretches two light years in distance. A tiny  
red spot of light was recorded in Hawaii in October of 92,  which is  
thought to be the first component of the Kuiper belt ever observed.  
The object was named 1992 QB1. It is about 200 km across and 5.1  
billion km away from the sun (41.2 a.u.). The object is fairly red,  
suggesting a surface rich in organics. The current position is, for 0h  
UT on September 15, 1992:  0h 00.09+0d 01'.7 (2000.0). It is moving  
retrograde at only 3" per hour. David Jewitt and Jane Luu discovered  
it using the University of Hawaii's 2.2-meter telescope on Mauna Kea.   
They have been searching for such an object for the last five years.  
The first images were secured August 30, but just as with the  
discovery of Pluto in 1930 the discovery was kept "under wraps" 
for awhile to allow a better assessment. Jewitt believes it to be one  
of the larger members of the Kuiper belt. Jewitt says that it will  
take two months to confirm the object. 
Another theory involving the planetoid comes to us from channelers. It  
is a hollowed out body that was moved here by the Reptoids, in order  
to transport an army of Grays or Reptoids. [sorry, I'm not sure which,  
I haven't had a chance to research this in-depth] It is now  parked  
outside the orbit of Pluto.  It is currently being used as a base by  
the Reptoids. 
Then there is also the theory that the planetoid may be the star that  
is mentioned in the Bible as "Wormwood" (also translated as  
"bitterness"); which when the "third angel" in the book of Revelation  
blew his trumpet, fell to the earth and poisoned one third of the  
earths waters.  Another interesting fact is that "chernobyl" (as in  
the Nuclear power plant in "Russia" that had a meltdown) in Ukranian  
also means Wormwood. 
Main Source:   
"Beyond Pluto" by MichaaelD. Lemonick, p. 59, Time Magazine - 
                                              Sep. 28, 92  
"#Object beyond Pluto", Compuserve article #110734 S14/News/Current  
Events by Roger Sinnott, 14-Sep-92 
A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371 
Bible,  Revelation chapter 8 Verses 10 & 11 
6.04:US Government Offical Studies 
On Sep 30, 1947  Lt General Twining of ACM expressed his opinion that  
there was sufficient substance in reports to warrant a study on UFOs.  
On Dec. 23, 1947 Project Sign was established to collect, collate,  
evaluate, and disseminate all information concerning UFO sightings and  
phenomena. Project sign completed it evaluations in Feb of 1949 and  
concluded "No definite and conclusive evidence is yet available that  
would prove or disprove the existence of these UFOs as real aircraft  
of unknown and unconventional configuration."  Project Sign was  
changed to Project Grudge on Dec.16, 1948. Project Grudge recommended  
that the investigation and study of UFO reports be reduce in scope. In  
early 1950 UFO reports by the public increased. This prompted Project  
Grudge to be changed to Project Blue Book in March of 1952. 
Project Blue Book goals were :-  
        1: To find an explanation for all the reported sighting of  
        2: To determine if the UFO posed any security threat to the  
           United States. 
        3: To determine if UFO's exhibit any advanced technology which  
           the U.S. could utilize. 
In 1966 the USAF commisioned a report on UFOs from the University of 
Colorado.  This project was headed by Dr Edward Condon.  Condon was a  
well respected physicist who gather a panel of experts from a variety  
of fields to assist him. They reported in 1969, the report being  
referred to as the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects,  
also known as the Condon Report.  They concluded:- 
        1: There is no evidence that any UFOs are "extraterrestrial  
        2: No UFO has ever given any indication of a threat to the  
           national security.  
        3: There is no evidence that UFO's represent technological  
           developments or principals beyond present-day scientific  
As a result the USAF closed down Project Bluebook.  Although it has  
been suggested on many occasions that some members of the panel had  
deceided the conclusions of the study before the work started there is  
evidence that at least Condon took the task seriously.  He appears to  
have joined a number of different civilian UFO research groups,  
including the British UFO Research Association, around the world.  
Main Source:  
Project Blue Book: The Top Secret UFO Findings Revealed, 
  By Brad Steiger, 1976  
sheaffer@netcom.com (Robert Sheaffer) 
BUFORA Journal, Summer 1974 

6.05: Roswell Crash Incident 

On the night of 2nd July 1947, Mac Brazel a rancher from near Corona,  
New Mexico heard a loud crash.  The next day he went out Horseback  
riding with a neighbour and came upon a field with debris scattered  
about.  The debris field was 3/4 of a mile long and 300 feet wide. It  
was oriented in a northwest to southeast direction.  There was a gouge  
in the northwest side of the debris field that was 500 feet long and  
10 feet wide.  The debris on the field mostly consisted of I-beams and  
parchment like, paper thin pieces of metal material. The material was  
very light in weight, a dull gray in color, and most pieces were 6 to  
7 inches in length.  Some pieces that were even thinner than paper  
could not be broken in half, cut or burnt. 
Mac Brazel collected several pieces of the debris and went back to his 
ranch.  On July 6,  Brazel went into Roswell to report what he had  
seen and to show a piece of the debris to sheriff Wilcox. The sheriff  
decided to call the local air base. During this time Frank Joyce  
called in from the local radio station to see if anything newsworthy  
was happening around town. Brazel gave him the information about what  
he had found. 
Major Jesse A. Marcel and a few other military personal arrived from 
the base only a few minutes after the sheriff had finished  talking to 
the people at the base.  Brazel and the military personal left and  
went back to the Ranch. The next morning (July 7) they went to the  
crash sight. The military retrieved some of the debris and returned to  
On July 8, the military came back and sealed off the area, They took 
Brazel into custody.  That same day they found a second crash site two 
and 1/2 miles southeast of the first.  Barney Barnett and 4 
archaeologists  had stumbled onto the new site a few minutes before  
the military had arrived there.  At the site they found a "pretty good  
sized metallic dull gray object" and 4 small alien bodies. They were 4  
to 5 feet tall,  with large pear shaped heads, small bodies and skinny  
arms and legs.  They had two large eyes,  no ears and no hair. Their  
skin was pinkish grey and leathery.  They were wearing a one piece  
grey suits. The civilians were escorted out of the area when the  
military arrived. 
On July 9th the military escorted Brazel to the radio station , there 
he told Frank Joyce that he saw a weather balloon. He left again with  
the military and didn't get back to his ranch until around July 15.   
Later when asked about what had happened Brazel said he had given a  
oath and could not talk about it. 
The Incident remained closed and the public and  UFO research 
organizations at large accepted the weather balloon story until 1970  
when Jesse A.  Marcel broke the silence and told his part in the  
The case has been extensively researched by Stanton Friedman and  
independantly by the team of Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt.  Between  
them they have discovered around 200 witnesses who claim to have been  
involved in the recovery or subsequent handling of the Roswell  
material.  Researcher John Keel has suggested that the Roswell  
material might be the remains of a Japanesse Feugo balloon, a 
balloon with a bomb attached launched towards the USA during World War  
II. These were still being discovered in remote parts of the USA in  
the late 1940s. 
In 1994 at the request of US Senator Steven Schiff the General Audit  
Office started an enquiry into the incident and subsequent cover-up.   
The GAO required the US Air Force to reopen the enquiry. After a nine  
month study the Air Force announced that the Roswell object had not  
been a weather balloon but a balloon involved in a top secret project  
to study Soviet missile launches.  Many UFO investigators remain  
unconvinced by this explanation. 
Main source: UFO Crash at Roswell by Kevin D. Randle & Donald R.  
Schmitt, Published 1991 by Avon Books 

=== 7. UFO Movies, Documentaries and TV Programs 7.00: TV Programs 7.01: E. T. Monitor (the Keystone Inspirational Network) - A program that originates from Pennsylvania, it has a pre- recorded and a live section. The person who runs it sells packets of books by mail-order. He likes to think that he is presenting irrefutable proof not only of the existence of UFOs but also of the Government's Conspiracy to keep them secret and frequently features people like Randall Terry. Main Source: COSJOAA@YALEVM.BITNET 7.02: Hard Copy (??) - Belgian UFO's, 1990 - more European 7.03: Intruders - CBS miniseries June? 1992, Based off Budd Hopkins book Intruders 7.04: National Geographic (PBS) - English Crop Circles, 1991 7.05: sightings (FOX) - Crop circles 1992 - Mexico video Sightings, Sept 11, 1992 - NASA Shuttle UFO/(debated Ice chunk), July? 1992 7.06: UFO Incident, The - NBC Oct 20, 1975, - the Betty Hill abduction story Based on the book "Interrupted Journey: Two lost hours aboard a flying saucer" by John Fuller 7.07: Unsolved Mysteries (NBC) - Eupen, Belgium UFO, 1991 - Cash/Landrum UFO, 1990 - 1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO, 1990 - Widthville, W VA UFO, 1992 7.08: UFO VIDEOS 7.09: Close Up - interview w/ two Rhode Island UFO enthusiasts 885-0366, 1992 MUFON Box 1122, Davisville, RI 02854 7.10: Communion -Based off the book Communion bu Whitley Strieber 7.11: UFO Coverup Live - UFO film from Guatemala, 1988 (Note from plw@ssd.ray.com: most convincing footage I've seen) 7.12: UFO Documentary - Jesse Marcel interview, 1982 7.13: UFO, The Films Prove It -A melange of television tapes, 1992 7.14: UFO Review - The Researchers Published by D.M.P., PO Box 314, Penn, High Wycombe, Bucks HP10, U.K. This is a collection of interviews with leading UFO researchers including Cynthia Hind, John Spencer and Budd Hopkins.
=== 8. UFO Magazines and Publications (UFOzines) [I will include the magazines from the UFO groups later] 8.00: The Circular 58 Kings Rd., West End, Woking, Surrey GU24 9LW, England 8.01: The Cerealogist 20 Paul St., Frome, Somerset, BA11 1DX, England 8.02: Connecting Link Magazine Connecting Link Magazine 9392 Whitneyville Rd. Alto, MI. 49302-9694 8.03: CONTINUUM The official news magazine for ParaNet and MICAP. It is published quarterly and provides thought-provoking information and articles written by leading UFOlogists. This magazine provides global insight and reflects material carried over the world-wide ParaNet Information Service network. Subscriptions are $18.00/year and are available by sending checks for U.S. funds to: ParaNet, Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172. 8.04: The Crop Watcher 3 Selborne Court, Tavistock Close, Romsey, Hampshire, SO517TY, England 8.05: Earth 61 Ranelagh, Ave., Bradford, BD10 0HF, UK. 8.06: The Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic The Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic (EJASA) is published monthly by the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic, Incorporated. The ASA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of amateur and professional astronomy and space exploration, as well as the social and educational needs of its members. ASA membership application is open to all with an interest in astronomy and space exploration. Members receive the Journal of the ASA and the Astronomical League's REFLECTOR magazine. Members may also purchase discount subscriptions to ASTRONOMY and SKY & TELESCOPE magazines. For information on membership, you may contact the Society at any of the following addresses: Astronomical Society of the Atlantic (ASA) c/o Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) Georgia State University (GSU) Atlanta, Georgia 30303, U.S.A. Phone: (404) 264-0451 leave your address and/or receive the latest Society news. Internet: asa@chara.gsu.edu Modem: ASA BBS: (404) 564-9623, 300/1200/2400 Baud. Back issues of the EJASA are also available from anonymous FTP at: chara.gsu.edu ( 8.07: The Faithist Journal Kosmon Publishing 2324 Suffock Avenue Kingman, Arizona 86401 C. Benfield (President) Kasandra Kares (Editor) Publication is The Faithist Journal Founded in 1970 A non-profit organization which publishes "The Faithist Journal" (Bi-Monthly), magazines and books dealing with New Age topics, including UFOs. 8.08: Focus William L. Moore Publications & Research See: Fair Witness Project, Inc. 4219 West Olive Avenue Suite #247 Burbank, California 91505 Williarn L. Moore 213-463-0542 Publishing entity for Antares Publishing, The Fair Witness Project, Inc., and "Focus" magazine (which specializes in UFOs, New Age, Metaphysical, and Occult research; offers a substantial listing of books, government document reprints, papers, pamphlets, back issues of George Van Tassel's "Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom" newsletter, research files, folios, back issues of "Focus" (the Fair Witness Project newsletter), cassette tapes, and video tapes for sale.Discounts on various items are available to booksellers and other qualifie buyers."Focus" subscribers are entitled to a 25% discount on all items. 8.09: Fortean Times 1 Shoebury Road, London E6 2AQ UK. 8.10: Inner Light Inner Light Publications Box 753 New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903 Publications Timothy Green Beckley (Publisher & Editor) Publication is Inner Light - A diverse entity which publishes numerous UFO-related books, periodicals, tapes, etc., "UFO Review" magazine and the monthly "Inner Light" magazine; also sponsors numerous UFO conferences and symposiums throughout the United States. 8.11: International UFO Library Magazine 11684 Ventura Blvd. #708 Studio City, CA 91604. 8.12: Magonia 5 James Terrace, London SW14 8HB, UK. 8.13: Orvotron Newsletter Orvotron bi-monthly newsletter Solinus and Kortron We are pleased to send a "Love Copy" of the most current newsletter to anyone you think will be interested. Just pass your friend's name and address on to us and we will mail out the issue compliments of you. Back issues contain much information which is still relevant and may provide some clarity on subjects discussed in subsequent newsletters. Love donations (which should be made payable to Judith A. Wells) are greatly appreciated and go to Spirit's work to create Heaven on Earth. A subscription also entitles you to log-on the Spirit Bulletin Board Service, a computer/modem system with files on alternate energy, UFO/extraterrestrial happenings, politics, science, medical information, the conspiracy and much more. The files are updated frequently and we encourage you to use and contribute to this "library at your fingertips". You may access this information 24 hours a day by calling via computer at: 1-704-297-5973. 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The following Statement appears at the top of every Issue: Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the 'New Age' of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the new age. Throughout the thousands of 'Readings' given through these various channels, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel what is the truth. Cosmic Awareness will only 'indicate' and 'suggest'. 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The Swamp Gas Journal is free with limited distribution, but is available primarily through zine exchanges, regularly contributing Fortean info, or by providing two (2) International Postal Reply Coupons in lieu of a subscription (to cover postage). The Swamp Gas Journal is a ufozine published irregularly by: Ufology Research of Manitoba Box 1918 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3R2 The SGJ is also available on an experimental basis on internet by e- mail to: rutkows@ccu.umanitoba.ca 8.17: UFO Universe GCR Publishing Group, Inc. 1700 Broadway, 34th Floor New York, New York 10019 Publishes "UFO Universe" magazine. Global Communications Refer to: Inner Light Publications
=== 9. UFO Book Publishers 9.00: Advent Publishing Company P.O. Box 3748 Carson City, NV 89702 Publish book and the Phenox Project Reports. 9.02: America West Publishers P.O. Box 6451 Tehachapi, California 93582 George Green Telephone Number : 805-822-9655 Publishes a wide variety of books and tapes dealing with New Age subjects and UFO phenomenon. 9.03: Arcturus Book Service 1443 S.E. Port St. Lucie Blvd. Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952, USA Robert Girard & Monica Williams-Girard Arcturus Book Service Catalog Maintains a listing of UFO-related books. Their goal is to provide a wide selection of books relating to the study of unexplained phenomena. Arcturus provides a publication; "Leading Edge, the bi- monthly newsletter of the Nevada Aerial Research Group. 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Box 117 Paonia, Colorado 81428 Ann Ulrich (Editor & Publisher) 303-527-3257 The Star Beacon A self-publishing service which will perforrn typesetting, layout, printing, and shipping of self-published books for a one-time fee. After initial fee is paid, the author keeps lOO% of any profits generated from the book. Ann Ulrich is associated with the UFO Contact Center International as one of its Associate Directors. 9.07: Eden Press Box 399 Careywood, Idaho 83809 Desiree Eden 208-683-2439 The publishing arm of the Planetary Professional Citizens Committeee (PPCC), which is no longer in existence due to the death of its Director, Jerome Eden, in 1989. However, EDEN Press still pro- vides a wide range of books dealing with the UFO phenomenon. 9.08: JACO Book Publishers P.O. Box 3135 Prescott, Arizona 86302 John H. Andrews 602-778-0018 JACO Book Publishers provides many UFO and Extraterrestrial-related books. 9.09: The Library of the New Essenes of Inyo P.O. 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Box 386 Atwood, Ca 92601 Randolph Winters :213-281-6282 Terra (Contact) Founded in: 1985 A one-man organization for the dissemination of the information received by Billy Meier from his Pleiadian contacts. Mr. Meier receives messages from his contacts of the Pleiades star formation. The Pleiades Project compiles these messages and offers them in audio and video formats. "Contact Terra" is a quarterly newsletter which contains updated information and news about Mr. Meier's contacts. The Meier Chronicles VHS/Beta - $59.00 (82 minutes) The Movie Footage VHS/Beta - $49.00 (1 hour) The Metal Analysis VHS/Beta - $39.00 each (45 minutes) The Entire Trilogy - $99.00 (save $188.00) Each audio cassette $20.00 plus postage & handling 9.12: UFO Audio-Video Clearing House P.O. Box 342 Yucaipa, Ca]ifornia 92399-0342 David Aaron (Director) 714-795-3361 Founded on May 18, 1988 and1232 members. Offers an updated listing of UFO radio & television programs on video and audio tape, going back to 1954. 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All books, posters, and calendars are sold through mail order only and must be prepaid, including postage. Their publication, "UFO Journal Of Facts" is a new magazine, filled with color pictures and reports, concentrating on factual UFO investigative reporting. 9:15: Worldwide UFO Newsclipping Bureau and Public Information Center 955 West Lancaster Road Suite 420 Orlando, Florida 32809 Provides a 16-20 page monthly report of worldwide UFO news clippings (all foreign news stories are translated into English). Subscription costs: $24.95 /6 months $47.50/ one year Special on Back Issues: all of 1988 for $39.95. Besides the newsclipping service, Worldwide UFO also offers UFO- related audio and video tapes (VHS format, approximately 2 hours in length) for sale at the following prices: Audio Tape - $ 4.00/ tape (buy two, get one free: no limit) Video Tape - $20.00/ tape (buy two, get one free: no limit) 9.16: Spacelink Books Run by Lionel Beer. Leading UK supplier of books on UFOs and Crop Circles. Address: 115 Hollybush Lane, Hampden, Middlesex, TW12, U.K.
=== 10. Miscellaneous Information 10.00: alt.alien.visitors archives (back issues) Occasionally I have seen requests for information on past articles in alt.alien.visitors. If you desire something, I have the entire newsgroup archive back to July 13, 1992. I access it frequently. I have no way to ftp it to another system for public access but would be glad to email portions of it upon request. The responses are not guaranteed to be correct or complete. You can email me at gvb@acd4.acd.com and I will do my best. gvb@TEFS1.acd.com (Gregg Brown) 10.01: A UFO Book List I'd like to take this opportunity to remind people of my UFO bibliography file, and to solicit contributions and book comments for it. The file can be ftp'd from paul.rutgers.edu, directory pub/ufo, file bibliography.Z (compressed format). The file is organized by author, and also again by date-of-publication, and also includes Keith Rowell's excellent bibliography file (which is also worked into the above two parts). Many titles have comments from various people as to the value of the book; I would like any comments on any of the books from anyone, and also additional books for inclusion. Check out the UFO Bibliography that you can ftp at: paul.rutgers.edu The file is pub/UFO/bibliography.Z It has books by author, a second listing by date, and also the names of prominent authors in the field. For more information contact: mcgrew@dropout.rutgers.edu (Charles Mcgrew) 10.02: Big Foot (Sasquatch) Our research group is currently investigating reports and sightings of the animal known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch". If you or somebody you know has had such a sighting, or come across what may be evidence supporting the existence of such an animal, please get in contact with us in one of the following formats: o Leave a private message in electronic mail: ai065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Thomas Hill) o Call Thomas Hill at 216-362-6529. o Or write: Thomas E. Hill 16124 Richard Dr. Brook Park, OH 44142 Contact with us can be totally anonymous if you wish. We are especially interested in Ohio sightings but are by no means limited to investigations in that state. Please, serious responses only. 10.03: Free UFO Class Penn State University has Free U classes that are offered to the public at no charge! They supply a classroom to those who wish to teach a subject and the public may attend them for free. One of the classes offered is a UFO class Organized and taught by Janet Smith, and Beth Combs. In the class they discuss every aspect of the UFO phenomenon such as the Billie Meier investigation, government cover-ups, Zecharia Sitchin who wrote the Earth Chronicles series, Mars probe, Mars Face and many other topics. The class also offers guest speakers who have done UFO research plus videos, movies and articles about various UFO phenomenon. The classes are held every Monday in room 207 of Sackett Building at Penn State University in State College, PA. The starting time is 7:00 pm, EDT (soon to be EST) and they ends sometime after 9:00 pm. The class will be held until December 7th. The class may continue after the holidays into next semester, but that depends on our level of interest. If someone has questions or would like to contribute to the group in some way, (ie. guest speakers, movies, different types of information, etc.) contact Janet Smith at JLS19@psuvm.psu.edu or write to her at: 123 Ramblewood Road, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865. Home phone: (814)237-6763, Work phone: (814) 863-0466. 10.04: Freedom of Information In the US, you write to the agency you want to reach, addressed to the "Freedom of Information Officer". A list of agencies is available from the US Government Printing Office. Their order number is: 202-783-3238 The "US Government Manual" (1991/92), price $23 (they take MC/Visa orders over the phone). They will also send you a catalog of all manuals/documents available from the USGPO for free. Order at the same number. [I have more information on this, I will add it later.] Main Source: mcgrew@dropout.rutgers.edu (Charles Mcgrew) 10.05: Hidden Ancient Ruins The address is Mystic Mountain Adventures Dept. 100 11142 Manhattan Avnue, Ste. 43 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Ph# (310) 318-6567. 10.06: Inter Library Loans (ILL) If you would like to research an the various UFO topics mentioned in this FAQ and you don't have a large bank account, go to your local library and ask about the Inter Library Loan System. The ILL lets you check out books, audio tapes, video tape, and get copies of magazine articles that your local library might not have. In many cases there is no charge for using ILL, this depend upon you local library. Almost all the book I have used to research this FAQ were ordered through ILL. Check it out. :-) 10.07: NASA Shuttle Footage NASA Select on Satcom 2, Transponder 13, carries the whole mission, live and anybody with a satellite dish can tune in. You can find the original uplink and shuttle audio on Transponder 5. This is the raw video with shuttle to ground audio communications on it. 10.08: UFO Related anonymous FTP Sites [Also See: 10.00: A Complete UFO Book List] Phoenix UFO Pics phoenix.oulu.fi ( In /pub/ufo_and_space_pics NASA Pics Sites NOTE: the material at these sites is exceedingly voluminous; I'd strongly suggest just getting the CD-ROMs instead of attempting to transfer scores of gigabytes of pix and other material. To access the online catalog of NASA material, CD-ROMS, et cetera: telnet nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov login as "NODIS" no password Anonymous ftp sites (five): nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov [] This is a VAX/VMS box, so you must ftp-login as "anonymous". To get a dir listing into a file on your system: ftp> dir [...] file_on_your_system vab02.larc.nasa.gov lots of stuff, including Aliens of all colors, and UFO pix (though this seems to mirror a lot of what's at phoenix.oulu.fi and has some additional material). ames.arc.nasa.gov online copies of what appears to be all NASA's CD-ROMs, and lots of GIFs, *.img and *.jpg from most (all?) space missions since Apollo. iris1.ucis.dal.ca dunno; it appears to be down today (Saturday, 18-July-1992). ummts.cc.umich.edu | {changed to} | V archive.umich.edu apparently popular (and, hence, slow). Is supposed to have many NASA and Voyager data files. Main Source: thad@cup.portal.com (Thad Floryan)

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