This new page is to share with our readers UFO news or reports that are being shared by people outside the US. As most people now know, UFO sightings and encounters are happening probably in every country of the world. Through our web site we have begun making contacts with others in foreign countries and really did not have a place to include such information. So we have decided to start this page to shows that UFOs are a world phenomena and also to again request from any readers, whether anonymous or not, if they have some important UFO related information to share with us, that this might be a good place to do it.

As of the start of this new page, we are including information from Australia, Brazil, England, Greece, Italy, and Mexico.

Go with the flow ..............

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

ET Captured in Brazil (Pedro Cuhna)
Reports from Brazil, including UFO Researcher Pedro Cuhna, that two ETs have been captured in the State of Minhas Gerais. Read all about it! Plus UFOs are appearing all over Brazil (3/96), could this be a sign of things to come?

Pine Gap - Area 51 of Australia
Inside Australia a secret U.S. Base has been reported , similar to Area 51 of Nevada.

UFO Reports from Greece -- by George Pantoulas
UFO Crash in Megas Platanos
In 1990 in central Greece, a small village was awakened at dawn by a UFO Crash ...
Strange Phenomena at Ntavelis' Cave
A Mysterious Cave in Greece that includes strange lights and beings ...

UFO Almost Hits Plane in Manchester (UK)
Report sent by UK UFO researcher James Easton about a UFO almost hitting a plane landing in Manchester (Jan. 1996).

UK UFO Mailing List
This online newsletter provides some interesting news of UFO activity in Europe (England) and in this section some news from Brazil!

UFO Report from Italy (Edoardo Russo)
Copy of the UFO Newsletter from the Italian Center for UFO Studies
(The January 1996 Issue via Mr. Russo.)

UFO Museum to Open in Japan (ISCNI report)
Report shared in the ISCNI Newsletter, an update on the UFO Museum to open in Japan in July of 1996.

UFOs Buzz Mexico, 1991
In 1991, over Mexico City, thousands of people reported seeing a UFO and some of these individuals even video taped this strange event. Here is information about the Mexico Flap and also how to order video tapes available about it!

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