A New Theory on UFOs

While broswing the newsgroup I saw the following post which includes a different perspective on the secrecy of UFOs by official agencies. As we are trying to be open to all different possibilities as to what is indeed involved with the UFOs, I felt it was important to share this post in our Cover-up Section. It does answer some questions ....


A New Theory on UFOs

Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 12:38:21 -0400
From: "David L. Thompson"
Subject: A New Theory on UFOs

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Subject:      A New Theory on UFOs

A recent conversation with a longtime friend and UFO buff has started me on a new line of thinking about many aspects of the phenomena. My friend had recently had a conversation with a journalist who had been researching cattle mutilations for a national magazine. The article that he was about to publish, along with a piece on a network news magazine, was killed at the last minute, the reason, of course, being national security.

The story not support Blockthat my friend told could be logically extended to include explanations of many UFO incidents and abductions. I'm not saying that this is the ultimate solution to the UFO mystery, but that this is a possible explanation of some of the physical events involved.

In the 1940s, the US government was very concerned about the possibility of a foreign government (the USSR) releasing highly radioactive elements into the environment over food producing regions and populated areas. In order to study what could happen, the US government released controlled sprayings of inert trace materials and possibly low levels of radiation into the atmosphere over cattle producing areas in the western United States. In additon, above ground nuclear tests were releasing radioactive, mutanogenic compounds into the environment and these radioactive clouds were drifting over the general population. Those of you who are old enough may recall the Strontium 90 scare in the mid and late 50s. A covert monitoring system had to be set up.

The UFO phenomenon provided a great cover. If the monitoring operation appeared to be the work of "little green men", it would completely hide the true intent. Believers in UFOs would be ridiculed by the media, serious researchers would be stone-walled by the government, and the rest of the population would just go on believing that it was a bunch of kooks and attention seekers who were not support Block reporting strange phenomena.

A disinformation network, similar to the one that was used by the OSS in World War II against the Germans, was put into place. Contactees such as George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, and Howard Menger began to appear on radio and TV. It was the early 50s, and these contactees, who came across as true believing weirdos, all described aliens as being very good looking and human like. Their intent here was to welcome mankind into a Galactic Brotherhood and warn us to stop fooling around with atomic weapons. In fact, these contactees were the tools of an increasingly sophisticated disinformation program.

It wasn't until the early 1960s that the technology was available to completely fabricate what has become know as the classic abduction . Work on brain washing had yielded ways of altering what an individual could be made to perceive. Using electronics, hypnosis, drugs, some props and conventional vehicles cleverly disguised, an alien encounter could be simulated and implanted into a person's memory. The physical nature of contact changed. The beings no longer appeared to be human. Instead, the classic Gray became the alien du jour and the contact experience changed from messages of peace from our space brothers to medical exams on unwilling abductees. What the Grays are, I don't know. Animatronic figures, perhaps even cleverly manipulated puppets. What they ha not support Blockve done is removed the speculation that humans are behind the abduction experience (although human beings are sometimes reported aboard UFOs with Grays).

As the children of the 40s and 50s, the baby boomers, started to grow up, the frequency of abduction reports increased. This was the first generation that was being monitored for mutanogenic effects. Reports of multiple abduction experiences, beginning back in childhood, began to appear. The baby boomers were also primed by the media into believing that what they were undergoing was caused by alien contact, rather than an ongoing study on the effects of atmospheric radiation on humans. As I write this, the study continues.

Perhaps,as a part of the disinformation system, the Human Genome Mapping Project might have been conceived as a cover to mask analysis of the findings. The UFOs themselves, unconventional aircraft exhibiting unconventional flight characteristics, might sometimes be highly experimental aircraft, disguised conventional aircraft, or balloons. The sighting of them further serves to reinforce the idea that beings from somewhere else are actively abducting members of the human race.

The disinformation system also plants sensationalistic articles in the mainstream press that tends to cause skeptics and the general public to simply dismiss UFOs as a whole as an area not worthy of serious investigation. At the same time th not support Blocke idea of alien contact is reinforced in literature, TV, and films.

There may well be alien visitors here of Earth. They might come from another star system, an other dimension, or a parallel universe. They may be responsible for some of the observed UFO phenomena of the past 50 years. They most certainly are the inspiration for the disinformation cover story.

I have no proof of what I have written about in the above article. All I have is speculation based on several conversations with a friend. Is it as far-fetched to believe this as it is to believe that, for 50 years, the government has been covering up crashed UFOs and dead aliens, that we have secret bases for alien craft in the deserts of the Southwest, and that we have entered into treaties with aliens and exchanged human lives for advanced technology? The above theory is not a definative answer, but another ripple in the pond of the UFO mystery.

"If I could turn you on, if I could drive you out of your wretched mind, if I could tell you, I would let you know"-R.D. Lang, The Politics of Experience