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This page shares an extensive report on the Varginha case in Brasil where two(?) ETs were captured in January of this year. These reports were shared by my good friend and fellow UFO researcher in Brazil, Pedro Cuhna. At the end of this page is a web site address that contains more information. IstoE is the name of the Magazine in Brazil where this article appears. The general consensus form all the various UFO researchers in Brazil who have checked into this case is that there is doubt that it did happen. In any case, read the article and see the various reports to discover why all these researchers have come to this conclusion ...

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Published by Luiza Villamea in the brazilian magazine IstoE, about the Varginha EBE:



The extraordinary report of an alien contact mobilizes ufologists
and involves the Army in the accusation of an abduction.


It fell from heaven the recent economic lode in the town of Varginha, in Minas Gerais. A known coffe exporter, the municipality gained sudden national fame thanks to a product that has nothing to do with soil. On last Monday 20th, its inhabitants celebrated four months of the most extraordinary report of a close encounter of the third kind between humans and an extraterrestrial being in the country.

At 15h30 of a sunny Saturday, 20th of January, three girls going down a track of an empty plot of land in the grounds of Jardim Andere, and two kilometers away from the town center, when one of them, Liliane Fatima da Silva, 16, looked over her left side and screamed. A strange creature, with three protuberances on the head and viscous skin was about seven meters away, near a wall which separates the lot from a garage.

"It was squatting, with the long arms between its legs", recalls the girl. "At first I saw the eyes, enormous and red." Frightened, Liliane turned her back to the creature, while her sister Valquiria, 14, and her friend Katia Andrade Xavier, 22, continued to observe. "It was not animal or human, it was a horrible thing", says Katia, who works as a housemaid and has three kids. "It looked dumb, didn't make any noise", adds Valquiria. The creature, however, appeared to move slightly with the head and the three girls run away. Forty minutes later, the mother of Liliane and Valquiria, Luiza Helana Silva, 38, arrived at the empty plot of ground to look for what had frightened her daughters. She found nothing.

The story gained proportions because, apparently without any communications with Liliane, Valquiria and Katia, the couple of farm workers Oralina Augusta and Eurico Rodrigues assured to have seen, after midnight on 20th, an unidentified flying object. They were sleeping in the house of the farm that sits at the edge of the road that leads from Varginha to Tres Coracoes when they were awakened by noise of the animals. "The cattle ran from one side to another of the pasture before our window", says Eurico. "We looked at the sky and we saw a grey object, with the shape similar to a submarine, about the size of a small bus, slowly hovering over the grazing land, at 5 meter above the ground", describes Oralina. "It was releasing a whitish smoke, did not have lights nor made any noise." In the town, the association between the craft and the ET that had shown up 14 hours late was immediate.

Lawyer and Law professor in one of the four Faculties of the town, Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues, 40, started to investigate the case on the following day. Ufologist for more then two decades, he estimates that only 1% of the descriptions of sightings of space ships are true. For him, the Varginha case is the exception that confirms the rule. "What they saw was, as a matter of fact, a creature unknown on Earth", assured Rodrigues. He concluded, still, that at least two extraterrestrial biological entities, name by which the ufologist designate the ETs, were in the town on day 20th of January. Since then, a legion of researchers of the phenomena have arrived in Varginha. More precisely, 66 ufologists have already passed by the town to make their investigations.

"It's a case without precedence in our logs", says the engineer Claudeir Covo, president of Instituto Nacional de Investigacao de Fenomenos Aerospaciais (INFA). The psychiatrist professor at the Harvard Medical School, John Mack, who researched human encounters with aliens, came down from the United States to make a series of interviews with the women.

The phenomena ended up outside the circle of researchers of the theme. Fantastico, of Rede Globo, alone, dedicated three reports to the case. Under the skin of the actor Reinaldo, the ET arrived at the program "Casseta & Planeta" on Tuesday, 14th.

Watching himself on television, the mayor Aloysio Ribeiro da Silva (PPB) was happy. "The ET gave a tremendous publicity to Varginha", he celebrated. "I am willing to sponsor an international ufology meeting." Before organizing an event of this kind, the ufologist intend to conclude an investigation that takes already four months and points out the Army as responsible for the capture and occultation of at least one of the two ETs that allegedly appeared in Varginha. In a document signed by ten entities, they point out "a true and complex operation involving military authorities and civil professionals, that resulted in the capture of creatures non biologically classified, which were maintained under medical observation and later taken away from the town." Besides the lawyer Rodrigues, coordinating the investigation is the ufologist Vitorio Pacaccini, 31, who lives in Belo Horizonte and went down to the region in the last two weeks. Both swear that they already heard 14 witnesses of the ET apparition, among them four military people. But they refuse to reveal any name or proof, besides a photo of a alleged interview with two military people who would have participated in the operation. The ufologists support that one creature would have been captured by four men of the Fire brigade of Varginha at 10h30 of 20th of January, in the neighbourhood of a wood, only three blocks away from the empty plot of land in which the girls would have seen an alien only five hours later. Put in a wooden box covered by a white fabric, the ET, say the ufologists, was immediately taken by a military truck to the Escola de Sargento das Armas (ESA), to the town of Tres Coracoes, 25 kilometers away from Varginha.

On the following day, still according to the ufologists, another creature had been seen in the Hospital Regional, in the center of Varginha - and there the ET would be observed closely by the three friends. In an operation involving military people from ESA, Military Police officials and men from the Fire Brigade of Varginha, the ET, in Rodrigues and Pacaccini version, had been transported after midnight on Monday 22nd to the Hospital Humanitas, 1.5 kilometers away from the center, the most well-equipped of the region.

At about 18 hours of the same day, the creature, already dead, had been taken to ESA, in a convoy formed by three army transportation trucks. The same convoy had left Tres Coracoes military school at 4 hours, Tuesday, 23rd January heading towards Campinas (Sao Paulo state), where the cargo had been delivered to another military unit, possibly Escola Preparatoria de Cadetes. "The whole operation was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Olimpio Wanderley Santos", says Rodrigues. "We have the testimony of one military people at ESA, directly involved in the operation, describing the manouvres", assures Pacaccini. In the recording of 42 minutes, the military tells that, on leaving the Hospital Humanitas the body smelled very bad.

The Army denies the story. The Comando Militar do Leste spokesman, colonel Luiz Cesario da Silveira Leite, says that no military people of the corporation captured any ET. "Our concerns are with national and foreign aliens, but terrestrials, and not with extraterrestrials that, I hope, are in peace", he told the reporter Helio Contreiras, from IstoE. The colonel classified as "exagerated information that makes relation between the Varginha ET and the Army". "The ufologists statements are so absurd that come to be ridiculous", adds the general Sergio Pedro Coelho Lima, ESA commander. In his office, the general keeps an yellow file entitled Caso Extraterrestre whose cover reproduces the solar system. Inside it are filed all the publications about the subject.

Pointed out as the ET abduction and transportation operation from Varginha to Campinas, the lieutenant colonel Olimpio Wanderley Santos says that he knew about his involvement in the case through telephone calls. "At that time, I thought it was a joke." In the Army Forces the Air Force is more concerned about the extraterrestrial phenomena. The I Centro Integrado de Defesa Aerea e Controle de Trafego Aereo (CINDACTA - Air traffic control), localized in Brasilia, has a dossie about OVNIS (UFOs). "There are today non explained cases by the Air Force in relation to the OVNIS (UFOs)", assured Brigadier Cherubin Rosa Filho (Air Force), minister of Superior Tribunal Militar. In one of these most famous cases that involved a former minister, had the approval of the then Ministro da Aeronautica (Air Force Minister), brigadier Octavio Moreira Lima, and is completing ten years without the investigation having reached any conclusion.

The Varginha's ET problem is an episode not clarified and a coincidence of facts only now revealed increase even more the mistery that moves the case. The housemaid Luza Helena, mother of two of the three girls that had seen the alien, denounced that in the beginning of this month four men in suits visited her in her house and proposed to pay for her daughters to deny publicly the ET contact. "They said they would pay in cash", says Luiza Helena. "They said they would return, but we don't have how to hide the truth." The quartet did not identified themselves and the visit was only witnessed by the girls. Their father, a bus conductor Joao Lopes da Silva, was working when the bribe attempt took place. The coincidence between the version of ufologists and the facts only was made public last week.

The Hospital Regional Administator, Adilson Usier Leite, reveals that in the following week of the alleged ET appearance, the two town hospitals were stage of exceptional movement. In Hospital Regional, a Fire Brigade car took a exhumated body to have an spine x-ray. It was a engineering student, son of a traditional family of the town, that was found dead in his civil Police cell, after being arrested, accused of stealing. In Hospital Humanitas, that Leite also administrated on that occasion, the exceptional movements was because of the arrival of equipment for the realization of the first heart transplant in the town.

"When this ET story appeared, I thought better not to comment that police and fire brigade had been in the Regional", says Leite. None of this, however, convinced the ufologists. They insist that they speak the truth when they say that, instead of new equipment or any special case, the town hospitals as well as the fire brigade were acting, yes, around a dead ET. And they go even more: last Tuesday, Rodrigues and Pacaccini returned to Varginha after a investigation trip to Campinas. "We know absolutely for sure that the creature had ist necropsy done by Badan Palhares", says Rodrigues, refering to a known pathologyst of Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP).

"At this point, there is a possibility that the creature had been taken from Brazil to the United States", adds Pacaccini. "I don't know where they had this imaginative idea", says Palhares in Campinas. "Effectively I don't know any type of alien matter that had come to IML or to the UNICAMP."

Note: IML = Instituto Medico Legal (where postmortem autopsies take place).

Pedro Cunha

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You can visit magazine ISTO E home page and find the 22nd of May edition where you can see pictures of the witnesses and other ones.


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