Conference with Whitley Strieber
( Compuserve, New Age Forum, 6/19/94 )

Streiber Conference Transcript (CIS)

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Pete (Moderator): Welcome Whitley Strieber, author of Communion,
           | Transformation and now... Beyond Communion!
           | Whitley, would you like to say a few words of intro
           | here? ga  
 Whitley | Yes. It's a first for me, so bear with me if I screw up the
         | protocols.
         | Now I'm not locked up. GA
Pete (Moderator): The question we are discussing tonight is: Are 
           | the visitors ET or from other dimensions or parallel
           | worlds.
Whitley | Are the visitors physical or from another reality? 
        | That's the conference question. But the answer seems to 
        | lie along a broad spectrum. I've had experiences that appear
        | to be entirely physical, all the way to totally out of this
        | world things. GA
Llew A. Wykel: My experience with this is that the beings are both, 
             | physical and interdimensional.
Whitley | What I've wondered is if all the hyperphysical stuff could
        | be special effects. If the experience isn't, basically,
        | physical.
Llew A. Wykel: Using the interdimentional means as a traveling mode. 
Whitley | Wormholes, you mean? A tremendous amount of energy
        | would have to be involved, and a location probably well
        | away from any physical objects, like planets...GA
Llew A. Wykel: Yes I think that the "physical" stuff is a form of 
             | "guising".
Bert    | Whitley, some experiencers seem to encounter humans along 
        | with aliens....
        | at least they appear to be human...
Whitley | I've got thousands of letters about that. Also, people
        | encounter visitors with their own dead friends and
        | relatives. ga
Bert    | Have you ever encountered humans and in this connection have 
        | you...
Whitley | Yes. ga
Bert    | ever seemed to have a military connection?ga
Whitley | A military connection? Uniforms--dark blue. Very stern but
        | compassionate people. Not our military. But a sense of
Rilla/Sysop: I was wondering...
           | Pete and I have discussed the possibility...
           | that these "aliens" are not really from "outer space"...
           | but rather from a different dimension...
           | and travel interdimensionally...
           | this feels right to me...
           | what is YOUR opinion on this? GA
Whitley | It turned out that a relative of mine, recently deceased,
        | was connected with MAJESTIC early on. He was the
        | source of lots of the stuff in my book on the subject. He
        | thought that they were entirely physical. But I don't
        | agree.  GA
Paul M. Hadeed: Do you think holograms are used to create these  
              | special effects. ga
Whitley | No idea about technology. If any. ga.
CCC     | Joe McMoneagle down at the Monroe Inst...
        | seems to think the ET's are us from the future.  Any 
        | thoughts here?  ga
Whitley | My feeling is that the mind is vastly more powerful than
        | we suspect, and that by making constricting assumptions
        | about its power, we have crippled ourselves. So, I doubt
        | if the visitors use much technology. And from the
        | future--I've certainly wondered,
Pete (Moderator): ga WS- On this idea of "special effects" Whitley,
                | could you describe a recent example? ga
Whitley | Give me a moment to compose. ga
        | I don't have a recent example from my own life. But a
        | typical experience is seeing them come through a wall. ga
Llew A. Wykel: We have been working on the possibility that they are 
             | "us" in another dimension with a "free will"
             | in that dimension not connected to ours here. GA
Whitley | Or us in the future. Ga
Alain/ASOP: OK.
          | I alwasy thought that they could be within ...
          | our universe but use interdimensional travel to...
          | get here. I.e. not need wormholes to get here.
          | Why do you think that is not possible? ga
Whitley | What would interdimensional travel without a wormhole
        | be? ga
Alain/ASOP: The use of scalar technology indicates that quantum 
          | tunneling could be ...
          | a real possibility. I.e. high gravity field could be 
          | localized. GA
Whitley | again, huge energy needs ga
Helen S./CHANNELING: I want to pursue Rilla's question a bit more...
Alain/ASOP: Nope! You should read about Bearden. ga
Helen S./CHANNELING: what if the interdimensional travel...
                   | were *within* our consciousness...
                   | rather than outside in a different...
                   | physical reality...
                   | what would the implications...
Helen S./CHANNELING: be of your study and work?...(second ques after)
                   | GA
Whitley | Ref Bearden And I see Helen as being on
        | something. I feel as if my mind is like a window for them,
        | into our
Pete (Moderator): ga 2nd ? Helen
Helen S./CHANNELING: Yes...
                   | what would it mean if the "other"...
                   | were some "future version...
                   | of us...
                   | except more "dispassionate",...
                   | the kind of dispassion that comes from "creating 
                   | worlds...
                   | and following their progress...
                   | as if the ultimate scientific approach...
                   | us taken to the extreme?  GA
Whitley | We saw some people once who seemed to be from the
        | future. They were translucent, looked drugged...and I
        | wondered if a drug will be created that enables time
        | travel. ga
Alain/ASOP: OK. To follow on on the scalar tech...
             | Bearden believes that spacetime can be curved by  
             | opposing cancelling ...  EM waves. The energy
             | is still there but cannot be detected by...
             | conventional means. Yet, it would squeeze into another 
             | dimension...
             | Gravity forces are 10E42 weaker ....
             | than EM forces so it should be much more easy to 
             | produce spacetime...
             | curavture. some files are in lib 8 BEARD1.ZIP to 
             | ga
Whitley | Will look at files. Thanx. I suspect that we filter out many
        | sense perceptions. We know the future, to an extent.
        | That's why there is such tension in the world, and such
        | breathtaking denial. The signals coming back are not
        | good, and we're
PJ      | If  different brain wave states are different levels of 
        | resonance, and if all mass is simply
        | trapped resonance, it seems logical to me that changing
        | one's "brain wave state" (or state
        | of consciousness) would put one at a "different frequency."  
        | If dimensions were... say, a
        | range of frequency, this would allow us to access dimension 
        | by the willed control of
        | personal brain waves.  Make sense to you?  GA
Whitley | I think that the brain is probably a quantum machine, and
        | capable of many unsuspected capabilities. ga
Frank Paladino: Re the time-travel enabling drug idea...
              | was that somthing you thought of at the *time* you ...
              | saw these people (ie was it "suggested")...
              | or was it a later explanation you thought of? ga
Whitley | We saw a kid on a bike, who disappeared before our
        | eyes. And I thought then--he looked drugged. ga
Xanadu  | Hi sorry I'm Late, WS could you please talk a bit about what
        | you see happening in the next five years?ga
Whitley | Next 5 years, we will come to understand that we cannot
        | escape our present environmental predicament without
        | major suffering. ga
Llew A. Wykel: Our expierence with these beings began in 1983...
             | We have been in constant contact.....
             | they will allow some interaction on our part.....
             | but it is limited to instruction and actions to be 
             | performed... have you been asked to accomplish anythig 
             | specific? 
Whitley | Yes. Constant contact is getting more common. I've been
        | doing that for a little over a year. And more of my letters
        | mention it. Specifics have to do with personal
Bert    | Whitley, do you have any thoughts/opinions about the 
        | ongoing....
        | Schiff investigation thru the GAO? Do you think this will 
        | bear any fruit? ga
Whitley | Maybe. I've been tormented by so many diff. govt.
        | agencies that there must be a hell of a thing going on. I
        | mean, people have come to my house, have interviewd
        | me, tested me physically, on and on. And I am just one
        | guy, so there must be thousands of records to be found. GA
PJ      | Once in a great while when they show up, the vibrations in 
        | the room (and in the head!) pick
        | up to such a pace that there's actually NOISE -- eerily like 
        | the 40's sci fi flicks.  (This
        | helps the "I must be crazy" thoughts, eh. )  So I've 
        | been wondering whether sound /
        | /light- which certainly can effect consciousness - could be 
        | the medium of transfer.  This
        | "physical" and "wormhole" stuff is either unnecessary, or 
        | unapparent.  They've reached
        | into me and my eyes were wide open - they weren't THERE at 
        | least partially physically.  The typical
        | UFO field paranoia hasn't cropped up with me; it's more 
        | a "religious" experience. 
        | When I accepted it, it got easier and (frankly) more fun.  
        | Do you have any experience with
        | being able to "put yourself into that mode" (or some would 
        | say "summon") them?  I've heard
        | it can be done.  Haven't been able to.  What's your 
        | experience here?  GA
Whitley | Sound is a critical factor. I think that the whole thing is
        | controlled by sonic vibrations. ga
Don Kircher: ... WS Do you have a feel...
           | for their purpose or plan ga
Whitley | I have seen them "stop the clock" in a big town using a
        | sound like a gong that made me feel numb.  As to plan, I
        | think that we are their plan. The outcome of the human
        | species. ga
               | talk a bit about intent...
               | do concepts like good and evil make any...
               | sense in the context of your experience and your ...
               | study of this phenomenon?
               | As in warring forces of good and evil.
Whitley | Maybe we have to decide about intent, just like we have
        | to gain an organic realization that they are here before
        | we can freely interact with them. Also, a lot of my
        | experience has concerned reconnecting with good and
        | evil in a new way. As objective forces rather than
        | subjective. ga
Paul M. Hadeed: Do you think ET has a specific time frame in respect 
             | to their plan for humanity. ga
Whitley | Nothing specific. Just here, waiting for us to change our
        | focus. ga
Bert    | ok...
        | regarding your comment about gov. agency tormenting...
        | did you mean that this has just started up since the Schiff 
        | investigation...
        | went into gear? or has this been going on a long time? ga
Whitley | Not nasty, really. Just persistent. Started after I 
        | published Majestic, 'cause it appears to be full of 
        | classified stuff. Wanted to know where I got it. ga
MJW     | Thanks. I would like to change the subject...
        | and ask about the new book you have written
        | I have all your books, since Hunger...
        | and can hardly wait for your next one...
Llew A. Wykel: Sonics, is the way that we have maintained contact.  We 
             | are in the process of
             | synth'ing these sounds to enable us to communicate more 
             | clearly....
             | We have been harrassed also to the point of droping 
             | underground and stopping....
             | all talks we were involved in....
             | Do you have theorys on how long they have been here?
Whitley | Back to the govt. Now that I think about it, it HAS gotten
        | more persistent recently, in some ways. Could NSA be
        | nervous about me connecting with the Schiff
        | investigation? Don't know. And Lew, what kind of
        | harrassment? I get lots of techie stuff, like viruses on 
        | this box, etc. ga
MJW     | I want to know if you still feel that they are benevolent 
        | beings ...
        | who are visiting so many of us. ga
Whitley | Benevolent has no meaning for me. Are we benevolent?
        | They are terribly complicated, as are we! ga
Llew A. Wykel: We were told to stop talking or they would send the IRS 
             | after us, and did have one
             | official...
             | show up at my next talk and identify himself as IRS.
Whitley | Did send IRS after me. But I'm clean. Just keep pushing
        | the envelope, I say. Hell with them! ga
Llew A. Wykel: That was enough for us we dropped out.
Xanadu  | Could you talk a bit more about the "outcome of Humanity"? 
        | BTW could
        | you say what gov't agencies?ga
Whitley | I won't stop until I die. This is the most important thing. 
        | If we get this right, mankind evolves. If not, we go 
        | extinct.
        | And you're looking at a very short timeframe. A century
        | more, at most. ga
Llew A. Wykel: Right on!
wscot   | Since you mentioned it...
        | how much of majestic...
        | was fiction and how much is...
        | meant to be fact ga
Ronald  | ? WS, have you had contact with people re: dreams involving              
        | infinity. Had them since
        | I was a kid; don't know if it's anything or not. ga
Whitley | My primary contacts are with NSA. They put the pressure
        | on me. And Majestic--the way things got started with
        | MAJIC and the way they went wrong, that's the true part
        | of the book. ga
Don Kircher: WS .. Is there more than one...
             | ... race visiting you or ...
             | ... do you have assigned handlers ga
Whitley | No idea. Don't think it's that simple. Maybe we don't even
        | have words for what is "visiting" us. Are we visiting
        | ourselves? The life of mankind is at jeopardy, and our
        | mind is desperately looking for a way out. The visitors are
        | a side-effect of this struggle, whether they are physically
        | real or not.  GA
SHARON  | You mentioned " Change of focus " Could you elaborate on the 
        | kind of change they are looking for.
Whitley | WE are looking for it. A way of seeing the world as it
        | really is, and making use of all the tools of the mind that
        | the visitors hold out before us like buckets of wel-water
        | before a parched wanderer.  ga
PJ      | Regarding sound (sonics).  I think this is a big deal, 
        | Whitley.  If we can even get the
        | 'underground' focused in this direction we could make real 
        | progress.    Also, practice
        | makes perfect; I think I'd freak out less when suddenly 
        | 'losing the guising' if I had more
        | practice.  If you know any sources of info, I'd appreciate 
        | getting them.   We're working
        | specifically with sound affected consciousness and would 
        | love to find a few others. ga
Whitley | No sources. Nobody knows anything about it! Interesting
        | book, The World is Sound by Berendt ga
Llew A. Wykel: We haven't stopped just formed quiet group to maintain 
             | contact.  Whitley your right
             |  the name of the game is evolve or become extinct, 
             | that's why we think they are so persistant.
             | They may be dependent on that for their existance, 
             | that's the feel I get
             | from it all.  What do you think?
PJ      | (Darn.  Keep us on your list, Whitley, we may have something 
        | for you eventually.  Thanks
        | anyway. GA)
Whitley | I am involved in lots of fear combined with lots of
        | physical pleasure. I fight the fear as a kind of spiritual
        | discipline. But the physical contacts are now very
        | pleasant. ga
        | The fear is about annihilation of my soul. Fear of that. As
        | if they will simply displace my reality with their own, push
        | me aside and render me empty of meaning. ga
        | Oops. Sorry. Ga Helen.
Bob M.  | OK
        | I not so sure society will 'change it's focus' without some 
        | MAJOR disasters or
        | experiences like your own. People are so into themselves or 
        | money, they don't see the
        | signs or even WANT to see the signs if it bit them on the 
        | a$$.(And it will) Do you think....
        | most of you are 'chosen', maybe because you're already half 
        | way.....
        | there into changing your focus? ga
Whitley | Absolutely. What is inevitable is that at some time soon
        | the planet will become irreversibly unable to support us
        | and there will be all kinds of environmental breakdowns.
        | And chosen? If you're on this ole earth, you chosen! ga
PJ      | Perhaps these "interdimensional" abilities are inherent in 
        | humanity but manifested more
        | in (the DNA?) of some humans than others, and they're really 
        | just "scanning" humanity to
        | find those they can work with.   What do you think?  GA
Whitley | It seems so organic to me. I mean by that, so deeply a
        | part of nature. I can't perceive an "us and them"
        | approach. It's all us. Living things, in the whole specrtum
        | of potential, from the simplest animal to the
        | consciousness that seems to skate the ether. ga
Llew A. Wykel: Whitley have you been able to ask the beings to back 
             | off till you get your breath,
             | and come back in when you are ready to interact again.
             | Or do they just seem to
             | know when that is required?
Whitley | Yeah, I've created a sort of pulsation. Seasonal, with the
        | peaks coming in the winter. ga
Pete (Moderator): My turn? yea! Flapping partridge here!
Llew A. Wykel: Yes just the way we operate.
Whitley | When they are gone, I'm homesick, then when they're
        | here, scared! ga
Pete (Moderator):  Whitley, are you entering other dimensions or
                | parallel worlds....
                | yourself in your experiences - or being taken there?
                | Is this in Beyond Communion? ga Whitley
Whitley | Yes. I think that we can do this more easily than we
        | realize. This is what Beyond Communion is about. US
        | doing something. Making our half of the relationship
Llew A. Wykel: The intensity of the being around you....
          | is almost unbearable to the extent that we become over....
          | stimulated and can't stay that way for very long....
          | is that why there seems to be "drugging" taking place to 
          | you? 
Whitley | Last time we looked in each others eyes, I did not crack
        | or turn away and it was HARD HARD HARD for both of
        | us. We don't do it anymore. And as far as "drugging" is
        | concerned, I just speculated about the idea of a drug
        | that would enable time travel. I'm certainly not drugged
        | when I have my experiences. But I CAN BE numbed or
        | placed in an altered state by sounds. And I've seen
        | others being affected thusly. ga
PJ      | Seems to me the bottom line is making the best of this; 
        | learning to work with it to our
        | (possibly mutual) benefit.  Any ideas for John Doe, Whitley?  
        | For introducing or increasing
        | exposure, ability to deal with exposure, ability to 
        | integrate it all, et al?  GA.
Whitley | It is a matter of becoming as used to this as we are to the
        | rising and setting of the sun, or to breath, or to our own
        | lives. The kind of surrender that is needed is active,
        | participating and deeply freeing. It is not surrender to
        | THEM, but surrender to ONESELF. That's the beginning. ga
Bert    | I'm looking forward to the new book. When will it be out?
        | And are there....
        | any surprises in store for us? ga
Whitley | The new book will be published by Harper/Collins next
        | year. Summer, my guess. Not finished writing it yet. And
        | yes, I have a fairly interesting surprise. ga
Alain/ASOP: OK....
        | This Sonics thing reminds me of Patrick Flanagan's 
        | neurophone...
        | where he scrambled his brain for a good 20 minutes when he 
        | tried...
        | some phaisng settings once. Do you think that it is what is 
        | happening? ga
Pete (Moderator): Whitley, can you give us an inside preview at all.
            | What do *You* think about the origin of the
            | visitors. ie. is there just one type or several. Are
            | some ET and some interdimensional?  GA
Whitley | The great problem is language. We have not evolved the
        | language to correctly and accurately describe the
        | visitors...and therefore, ourselves. Quantum mechanics
        | directionally suggest the kind of linguistic INdeterminism
        | that will be involved in accurate description. ET
        | Interdimensional. These are concretizing words, which
        | only make the task of SEEING
Rick Adams: ok....
          | pete's quest. kinda relates on to mine...
          | how does the "physical" spaceship et's correlate to the 
          | interdimentional (DREAMLIKE)...
          | et's or terrestials?  ga
Whitley | I have been in interdimensional situations that were NOT
        | dreamlike, where I was there with somebody else. And
        | the interdimensional/time travel/contact with the
        | dead/alien business is all blended together. I have letters
        | from people whose NDE's evolved into abductions. The
        | point is, there is ONE experience behind all this, which is
        | many
PJ      | Lots of talk about different "types" of... Inter-D's.  Do
        | you think this is guising,  personal
        | interpretation, or that there really ARE - as Pete sort of 
        | asked - "different ones?"
        | *Two.  Not bad.   Ga.
Whitley | I don't think that categorization helps. It is a blinding
        | tool. ga
westbrook: 1. Do these people have a name and 2. Do they perform 
         | abductions? ga
Whitley | Why not just break free from benevolent/evil,
        | ET/earthling, interdimensional/physical constructs. And a
        | name? Do you really have a name? What was your name
        | when you were in your mother's womb? ga
Pete (Moderator): Lumir is with me here and wants to know what your
             | opinion is of aliens in a human "skin" or body.
             | Follow-up westbrook first?
             | ga westbrook
westbrook: Do they perform abductions?
Whitley | I suspect that human beings from other worlds in the
        | physical universe come here. Or maybe I've met people
        | who have som
Whitley | Oops. That got away unfinished. As far as abductions are
        | concerned, I don't know what that is? It's a set of beliefs
        | that we've built up around some sort of experience. But
        | the beliefs filter the experience so we don't know what's
        | happening, not really. Just that it's hard. ga
Bert    | Whitley, I sense that John Mack thinks similarly...
        | to you. Do you have any feelings about whether he's on the 
        | right path?....
        | Have your read his book? ga
Whitley | My problem with Mack is that I fear the consequences of
        | hypnosis, that it may impose structure on the experience
        | that isn't really native to it. ga
Rick Adams | I had mentioned "dreamlike" , maybe druglike would have
           | been more correct a desc....
           | do you think these visitors are the age old angles or do 
           | you think the "physical" other worls et's are related? 
           | angels...sorry
Whitley | Could there be a drug that compels one to perceive only
        | what is true? I wonder. We haven't really gone very far
        | into the use of drugs, in general. Why has nature put all
        | these extraordinary substances into the living world? Are
        | there tools of interdimensional communication even now
       | falling to the bulldozers of the rain forest? ga
Llew A. Wykel: Do you have any information or suspicion that these
             | beings might be our "creators"
             | not God but somehow involved in our creation as we
             | exist today? As opposed to
             | them being merely another aspect of ourselves? 
Whitley | I suspect that it would be very hard to tell demons from
        | angels. A demon would reveal hell to us, and be a very
        | terrible thing to see. But wouldn't an angel, if truly good,
        | reveal ourselves to us? And wouldn't that be very hard to
        | see, also? Almost, but not quite, a vision of hell?  ga
Rilla/Sysop: Whitley...when you mentioned the Rainforest...
           | are you familiar with Terence and Dennis McKenna's work?
Whitley | And "merely" is not a good word to characterize such a
        | grand thing as another aspect of a human being.
        | McKenna's work, yes. But never took the
PJ      | Give me a minute, take someone else first Pete GA
Pete (Moderator): Has anyone an experience to tell Whitley about -
             | involving another reality...? ga anyone
Whitley | I am about ready to go. It's been great fun!ga
PJ      | Whitley, do you think...
        | that the effects of the experience with these "entities" 
        | (whoever they may be)...
        | are affecting us *physically*?  Have the feeling it's some
        | sort of ....
        | restructuring of possibly even DNA... or at the very least, 
        | something...
        | close to what many religions would call "evolvement."
        | ? GA
Pete (Moderator): Thanks for being here Whitley, if you can answer
             | Pj - Great. We've all enjoyed this conversation
Pete (Moderator): ga Whitley.
Whitley | Mixed bag. Physical effects on me--terrible allergies
        | accompanied by wonderful new abilities, such as the
        | ability to leave the body, to enter other realities, to move
        | through time. Strange effects on electronic instruments.
        | Sleep problems. Emotional upheavals. And a great
        | upwelling of hope. Thanks for having me. ga
Pete (Moderator): Let's all add in our farewell comments to a great
             | writer and thank him ! Looking forward to Beyond
             | Communion!
             | ga
Rilla/Sysop: Thanks Whitley!!!!!
PJ      | Thanks Whitley and best of luck in your research.  We may
        | meet again one day.
Rick Adams: GThanks .
Bob M.  | Yea, Thanx for chatting with us, Whitley
Llew A. Wykel: Thank you very much Whitley.
Pete (Moderator): Come back to the forum anytime. It's less stressful
             | than CO!
Rilla/Sysop: This was a wonderful co!!
Bob P./UFOLOGY: Thanks much WS - good luck for the future to you!
Bob M.  | I really enjoyed.....c-ya later

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