Crystal Skulls

* Lectures and Presentations *

1. From Elsewhere: Cosmic Souls on Earth (Dr. Scott Mandelker)

Based on Dr. Mandelker's book From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, this lecture explores the global phenomenon and individual experience of Star People, Walk-ins and Wanderers: those who've uncovered their off-planet origins.

This presentation explores Scott's research and its conclusions: the path of realizing ET identity, two types of incarnated souls, and the profile of those who are from elsewhere including a 12-point questionnaire. Scott will discuss his experiences in Buddhist temples and intensive meditation, out-of-body states and other realms. A brief history of ET souls on Earth, their relationship to UFOs, future predictions and cosmic purpose will also be given.

2. Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed (R. "Joshua" Shapiro)

Join crystal skull/UFO explorer and author Joshua Shapiro as we journey into the land of the mysterious crystal skulls. Joshua believes as we move closer to the prophesied Age of Aquarius (a Golden Age), many tools from ancient times have begun to emerge. These ancient (sacred) artifacts, human shaped skulls (some human-size or larger) made from various types of quartz crystals, are beginning to appear in greater numbers and starting to surface from many locations in the world. The crystal skulls have had a powerful spiritual effect upon many people as several of the current caretakers have been gracious to shares this tools with others publicly. Through personal stories, various theories derived about the origins of the crystal skulls in addition to the slides Joshua will share, you will feel that The Time is Now for global transformation. The purpose and function of the crystal skulls is at last becoming known!

3. UFOs in the 90's and Beyond (R. "Joshua" Shapiro)

It is almost a foregone conclusion that ETs and UFOs do indeed exist. Join Joshua as he shares the latest news about the UFO Phenomenon through various contacts Joshua has made over the year plus the internet via their UFO web site known as V J Enterprises. Some of the many topics he will discuss include the Inner Earth Civilizations and Hollow Earth Theory, various key UFO cases - past and present, the UFO-Crystal Skull connection and the importance of Peru. Joshua will finally share his conclusions about how the UFOs are involved in the global transformation and various theories about the purpose of different types of ET contact people are experiencing today. Suggestions will also be given regarding ET contact, for our assistance or protection.

4. Wanderers and Spiritual Evolution (Dr. Scott Mandelker)

This advanced workshop combines lecture, meditation, and extensive group discussion, and explores three major areas: ET Identity with focused guidance for ET souls, cosmic evolution and the present time, and fundamentals of spiritual growth.

Guidance for ET souls includes personal support for those who are, or suspect they are from elsewhere. Cosmic evolution explores basic metaphysics and the universal plan: the 7 densities and chakras, 2 paths of evolution, Harvest and the New Age, positive and negative ET groups and their relation to humanity. Fundamentals of spiritual growth will cover the development of will and balance; meditation and non-dual awareness; personal karma and life-lessons; and realizing our purpose on Earth. A broad range of material is given.

5. UFO Panel (Dr. Scott Mandelker, Joshua Shapiro & Local Experts)

As an optional feature of this event, we propose to hold a UFO Panel that can provide various viewpoints on the UFO Question. Both speakers bring with them a wealth of knowledge about UFOs including sharing from both physical evidence to the spiritual ramifications. We additionally suggest to include on this panel an invitation for any local experts to join us so that a regional perspective may be added. The format for the panel is open-ended.

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