Crystal Skull Tour of the Midwest, U.S.
(March 26th - 29th, 2009 )

Bluff Trail Labyrinth
( a "Peace" labyrinth near

Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
with Melanie & Jerry

(The "Crystal Kids" with Joshua and Katrina visiting the
U.S. Midwest stopped near Indianapolis, but this report
focuses on our visit to this "Peace" Labyrinth in Wisconsin)


(Photo Credit: The pictures shown here were taken by Melanie & Katrina Head)

Traveling to the Midwest of the U.S.
(overview and introduction, initial contact with Melanie)

In November of 2009, we received an email from Melanie, who lived near Madison, Wisconsin, discussing with us about a labyrinth she had on her property and also inquired if we might be able to visit her area to offer our crystal skull event.  So after a few emails, we decided the best time to visit would be the last weekend of March.

Wisconsin is a long drive from Atlanta, so we spoke to our friend Arielle who lived near Indianapolis, Indiana, if we could stop there, the weekend before which she agreed.  And she connected us with a center nearby which on Friday, March 19th we offer an intro talk about the crystal skulls.  We met Arielle at the 9-9-9 Gathering in Arkansas (September 2009) organized by James Tyberonn and Arielle actually visited us in February in Atlanta.  Also we had a chance to visit a museum in Indianapolis, which had a very good exhibit about Abraham Lincoln (about his life with many artifacts) plus showed a 3D movie about how Astronauts were sent up to space (I think 2009, forget the name of this documentary) to fix one of our orbiting satellites which gave you the impression we were in space.  We then stopped in Bloomington, IL for 3 days to visit with Joshua's family and stayed with his father. And then we arrived on Friday, March 26th at Melanie and Jerry's home, in the late afternoon.  Melanie's parents were our host during our stay as we stayed in spare bedroom and also came to the talks we gave.  We stayed in the area through March 29th, where after providing our last private session we returned to Indiana, passing through Chicago (Joshua's birth place but Katrina had never experienced this city) and stayed another night with Arielle.  We returned back to Atlanta on March 30th.

Briefly, what we offered during our stay in Wisconsin was, an intro talk on Friday night, March 26th (about 30 people came, this was the first public talk that Melanie had ever organized so she was surprised by the turn out).  After the talk, we went out in the evening and walked the labyrinth with many photos being taken (which you will see in the photo section of this report).  Saturday was a full day workshop on the crystal skulls for which we had 16 people come (18 with Melanie and Jerry).  Again people were able to visit the labyrinth in the evening and Katrina went out with two of our skulls.  Sunday we did private sessions with our "crystal kids" in the morning and afternoon.  Then Melanie took us to a horse stable that she manages for a local wealthy gentlemen and showed us how to train a horse.  Katrina was given a chance to work with one horse using what Melanie taught her and did magnificently.  And then we had one more session Monday morning, March 29th of which we left to go home afterwards.  But we enjoyed our stay so much that possibly in the late summer we may return.

To give you an idea of what the labyrinth that Melanie and Jerry created in 2008 is like, let us share a bit of some of the early emails we received from Melanie and then go right into the interview we did with Melanie in April of this year after we returned from this journey.
. . . . . .

Emails from Melanie
(November & December, 2009)

Subject: Seminar Request
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 10:44

        (Photo of Melanie holding our crystal skull
            "Portal de Luz" during our workshop)

Joshua -
I created a Labyrinth during the Fall of 2008.  Since it was created many miracles and strange things have been happening in it.
I belong to a huge group of meditators and healers from Wisconsin and we watched a special on crystals skulls and became fascinated by them!We also noticed they did a ceremony inside a labyrinth in Arizona.
I am wondering if it is at all possible to sponsor you to come to my labyrinth during 2010.  I realize you are very busy and this may not be possible, however, I just felt the desire to ask.  If this is not possible, would we be able to come and visit you?
It is a "private" labyrinth that spreads by "word of mouth" and this has worked very well for us.
Infinite Blessings for Peace & Happiness -

(A Photo of the Labyrinth - the path within is composed of a variety of stones, there is
 a bench at the very center and on the very far outer circle are many different statues
 and other items linked to the various world religions and spiritualities.)


Subject: RE: Seminar Request
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 19:44

Dear Joshua -
Thank you so much for your prompt response to my e-mail.
I did not realize you do world peace meditations.  I will sign up for those immediately.  I have a small Fluorite Skull that I've owned for over 15 years and a few years ago I purchased a small rose quartz skull.
I was wondering if you could do a lecture or seminar on crystal skulls.  We have a very large group that would be attending. 
We would be so honored to have you visit Wisconsin and especially our labyrinth!  There are many interesting energies in the labyrinth and I am very excited about what we could co-create out there!!
We are very flexible in our schedule and will made every accommodation for you to come.
Infinite Blessings -


(Comments from Joshua: So of course we were very curious about this labyrinth that Melanie had and also why she felt a connection with the crystal skulls and possible links this labyrinth might have with the crystal skulls.  For those of you who have been on our mailing list, "The Crystal Skull Explorers", you might remember in 2009, we discussed visiting a labyrinth in North Carolina, near the border with Georgia.  That we brought our "crystal kids" to sit in the center and that fairies surround this area (which we saw with the Night Vision goggles that our friends Missy and Ron have).  That possibly this fairy energy was transferred into our skulls.  So here again we had a chance to visit another labyrinth with the "kids".  Anyway, Melanie sent us another email with photos of what happened when she placed one of her crystal skulls in the labyrinth:)

New Crystal Skull I placed inside my labyrinth about
             30 minutes ago
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 18:40

Joshua -
I just received a clear quartz crystal skull carved by Raven in the mail today.  I placed the skull in the center of my labyrinth and lit a white candle.  Then I rang a Tibetan bell to clear the space.  Anytime I put something new in the labyrinth, the Orbs always come to check it out. 
The first two pictures are Orbs.  The third picture is a close-up of the skull.  Notice the top of the head appears to be glowing!  I took several other close-ups of the skull to see if this was the flash affecting it and they turned out normal - No glowing!


( You can see winter has hit Wisconsin at this time, as the labyrinth is covered with snow.
Melanie has placed her crystal skull at the center of the labyrinth on the bench to the
right of the candle light at the center.  See the white orb at the top left of this photo? )

( Here we see another orb appearing directly over the skull and candle at the center)

( Picture of the crystal skull Melanie placed in the Labyrinth, appearing in the lower left
corner with a light reflection occurring on the top part of the head. A closeup of
the candle and the skull (sitting on a cloth) on the grey stone bench. )

To continue our report of our visit to the
Bluff Trail Labyrinth, we share a special
interview we conducted with Melanie in April,
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Midwest Tour - Page 2, Interview


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