Crystal Skull Tour of the Midwest, U.S.
(March 26th - 29th, 2009 )

Bluff Trail Labyrinth
( a "Peace" labyrinth near

Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
with Melanie & Jerry

Interview with Melanie
Part II

(The "Crystal Kids" with Joshua and Katrina visiting the
U.S. Midwest stopped near Indianapolis, but this report
focuses on our visit to this "Peace" Labyrinth in Wisconsin)


(Photo Credit: The pictures shown here were taken by Melanie, Linda F. & Katrina Head, focusing mostly on different views of the "Bluff Trail Labyrinth" during our visit.)

Interview with Melanie
(an email interview conducted in April 2010)

(Joshua Notes: Before we share some of the amazing photographs of the Orbs taken during our visit in March, we felt it was important to have Melanie explain for our readers, a bit about the history of the "Bluff Trail Labyrinth", how they decided to built it and what has occurred since the Labyrinth was constructed.  So here in Melanie's own words is the answer to these questions and more.)

(A recent photo of Melanie meditating in the labyrinth and
the type of phenomena and orbs that appear - the orbs must
really love Melanie -- that is why so many are appearing, yes?)

1) Melanie, can you and Jerry tell us about yourselves? What is your back-ground and how did you meet?

I was divorced three years ago and had moved back in with my parents until I could get back on my feet again. I had sold all of our furniture except the couch. It needed to be repaired because the cord for the recliner was broken.

My girlfriend suggested that Jerry could fix it. Ironically, Jerry had been in my wedding 17 years earlier. We had lost touch with him throughout the years. He never married and did not have any children. He took care of his parents until they passed away. When I drove by his house, my girlfriend told me to stop and ask him if he could fix the couch. I pulled into his driveway and he was standing by his truck. He agreed to come to my storage shed and replace the cord.

Of course, the day he came it was 100 degrees in the shade. He never complained and we ended up talking for almost 3 hours  that day! He wouldn’t accept any money for repairing it, so I made him a pork chop supper and that was the beginning of our life together.

( Another view of the labyrinth - you notice up front is a square of stones {see next
photo} - Melanie has setup a few spaces within the maze of stones and also that
the "crystal kids" are sitting in the center area which is white sand before the bench. )

2) When did the idea of the labyrinth start?  As before you started to create the labyrinth, there was nothing sitting on this location or was there some type of machinery if I recall correctly?
(Note: Melanie and Jerry call their sacred place the "Bluff Trail {Peace} Labyrinth")

On October 1st (2008) Jerry and I took the dogs for a walk. As we came to the field where the labyrinth is (currently located on our property, Jerry's home), I looked at the weeds growing. The land was once a junk yard of old lawn mowers, engines, tools and other items that had lost their usefulness. I said to Jerry “we have to do some-thing with this land”. Jerry agreed.

Suddenly, a thought came thundering into my head like a heard of wild horses and I spit out the words “we should build a labyrinth”. “What is that?” Jerry replied. “It’s like a maze” I replied. I turned around and (then) Jerry was gone. I heard the tractor start up and in 20 minutes he had plowed up the soil where the labyrinth would be. Ten days and a few miracles later, the labyrinth was finished.

( Here is a close-up of another boxed area made up of different type of stones
plus in this area are a few religious statues as well, each of these areas
has a certain type of theme or energy which they hold ....  )

3) How did you receive all the stones and religious and spiritual items that are sitting within the labyrinth?

Most of the statues were donated. I purchased polished stones from a variety of rock shops. After the labyrinth became popular, people started bringing their rock collections. There are stones from China, Spain and France. My friends who travel bring back stones from Sedona and other sacred sites.

Yesterday I came home and there was a bag with a few stones in it and a small slip of paper with the word “Labyrinth” written on it. People are so kind and thoughtful!

( This is a small stream or brook which Melanie and Jerry created which is
directly next to the labyrinth again surround by a variety of stones ...)

4) When did you first notice there was something special going on that was out of the ordinary within the labyrinth?

When the labyrinth was finished, we invited some friends to come out and walk it. They started telling people about it and soon it was a busy place. Within a week, I started receiving telephone calls from people who said they were getting “healed” or having “insights” about issues in their lives after they walked the labyrinth.

At first Jerry and I did not really believe it. We thought it was just a coincidence. It took numerous events and a few spontaneous healings to convince us that this was indeed a sacred place.

( On the trees just ahead of the stream and again on the border of the labyrinth
are special symbols and chimes handing on the trees again to share special energies.)

5) When did the Orbs begin to appear within the labyrinth?

Jerry helped finish the path in the labyrinth on October 10, 2008 and was the first person to walk it. When he started walking it, I ran into the house and grabbed my camera and took pictures. When I viewed them, there were white circles showing up. I thought it was dust. They continued showing up and I finally went out and bought a new camera.

I was still taking pictures with my new camera and those white circles showed up in most of the pictures taken at night. One day it had rained. I went out and took pictures and the circles were still showing up. Suddenly the light-bulb went on inside my head and I figured out that these circles were NOT dust but that something (really) strange was going on! I did some research on the internet and discovered the white circles were Orbs.

During the winter, I created a snowman inside the labyrinth and a huge orb with a beautiful pattern inside stayed near the snowman each night until he completely melted. Up until May of 2009, the orbs had been white in color. On May 3rd, I went out as usual to take pictures of the Orbs and when I copied them onto my computer, I could hardly believe it. The orbs were showing all of the colors of the rainbow. In July, other phenomena started appearing in the pictures. Some looked like plasma, floating ropes, flying teddy bears and giant dragon flies.

( Just before you enter the area of the Labyrinth, are two of the buildings on
the property.  The building to your right is where Melanie and Jerry live.  The orbs
early on, would come and visit the family in the house but it scared the children
(two daughters Melanie has via a prior marriage) so Melanie told the Orbs they
were not allowed to come into the home and the Orbs have followed this request)

6) Have you ever received any direct communication from the orbs in the labyrinth or any spirits that might be in the area.

I have not received any direct communication from the Orbs or Spirits, however, I have asked the Orbs to move to a new area and they have done this. If I ask a question such as “I wonder if they can show me movement”. The next picture I take is of a moving Orb. They seem to be telepathic. Some of the Orb pictures have human faces inside them. Maybe they are vehicles for spirits to transport into our dimension.

( A close-up of the "Crystal Kids" sitting at the center of the labyrinth, just after we
arrived on Friday, March 26th.  We noticed that our skulls changed energetically
after spending time within this sacred place.  Also Joshua felt there was a strong
energy or vortex at the center {you will see some photos of this on other pages.} )

7) How did the crystal skulls become connected to the labyrinth? Does the energy linked to the crystal skulls resonate in some fashion with the labyrinth or what happens when a crystal skull is placed within the labyrinth?

I was not familiar with how to use crystal skulls until I watched a documentary on TV this past January and it showed them placing the skulls inside a labyrinth.
(Note from Melanie: I had owned a crystal skull for a long time, but it sat on the shelf like a rock)
That sparked my curiosity and I ordered some more crystal skulls from the internet. An interesting event happened when the skulls arrived. I placed them on the dresser in our bedroom. One morning I let the dogs out and noticed the icicles in front of our house were pointing straight in. They seemed to defy gravity. I took pictures of this strange phenomena. The labyrinth seems to “increase” the energy of the crystal skulls. At least this is what I am sensing. I have about 8 crystal skulls in the labyrinth now.

( Another view of the "crystal kids" at the center of the Labyrinth - do you
feel they were enjoying spending time here?  Do they seem to be glowing? )

8) What do you believe is the purpose or reason you created this labyrinth?? Is there a future destiny for your labyrinth in your opinion?

I believe the purpose of the labyrinth is the heal the earth or heal the people on the earth. Although I am the caretaker of this sacred structure, it definitely has a consciousness of its own. It seems to be a portal for other dimensions.

The future destiny is probably the same now as it was when ancient man first put this amazing structure on the earth. They were used for healing, meditation and other rituals. I believe there is also another reason. They could be capable of taking us to other dimensions of reality. It feels like time and space changes or shifts when you are inside it for any length of time. Maybe it is a doorway to a higher vibration. I definitely feel it is leading me down the road to solving the mystery of its existence.

( The Crystal Skull Explorers, Katrina and Joshua, with the "kids"
experiencing the energy of Labyrinth with a chance to walk
the path later in the evening.  Boy oh Boy, was there a very
strong energy here - so strong that as we neared the end
of the labyrinth path, we almost were losing our balance!! )

9) How have people who have visited the labyrinth respond to its energy? How do people hear about the labyrinth? Where have people traveled from that have come to see the Labyrinth?

Everyone who walks the labyrinth has a different experience. For some it is a soothing meditative experience. Others have experienced valuable insights on issues that were challenging them. I’ve seen people dancing and laughing and others who are sobbing as they release painful emotions.

Our labyrinth is discovered by mainly by word of mouth. Those who hear about it go out and tell their friends. It is listed on the labyrinth locator website with my e-mail for contact information.

We have had visitors from Canada, North Carolina, Illinois and Iowa. People have also come from all over Wisconsin. Native Americans have been especially drawn to it.

( In this photo, we see some of the people who attended our workshop on
Saturday, March 27th, after the workshop finished, walking the Labyrinth. )

10) Is there anything thing else you wish to share about the labyrinth or feel is important for our readers to know that was not asked in the previous questions?
Or are there any other special personal experiences you wish to mention?

It is interesting to me that crop circles have the same phenomena occurring inside them as our labyrinth. Cameras act up and the batteries die, Orbs appear in the pictures, people experience powerful shifts, time slippage and altered states of awareness. There is even a crop circle with a labyrinth pattern. Regardless of whether or not we solve the mystery of these structures, we need to trust that they have a higher purpose and are here to help us on many levels. They utilize an ancient wisdom combined with the vibrations of sacred geometry. I would encourage everyone to go out and experience a labyrinth.

11) Can people contact you if they wish to learn more? How can they contact you? Are people free to come visit or do they need to make a reservation?

All of the instructions for contacting me and attending any of the events being held at the labyrinth are listed on the website at:

Advance notice is required as it is available for weddings and private events.


Some Additional Information from Melanie's website

Miracles are happening at the labyrinth!

October 2008 - Several people have gone into remission that had cancer.

November 2008 - Apollo (dog) was diagnosed with cancer while at the vet. His picture was placed into the labyrinth. The vet called his owner a few weeks later and said he did not have any cancer!

November 2008 - Jerry had the pain in his ear healed at the labyrinth closing ceremony

February 2009 - Jack (dog) was diagnosed with cancer. His name was placed in prayer box and a week later they reversed the diagnosis and said there was no sign of cancer.

June 2009 - Phoebe the cat had a feeding tube and was gravely ill. The feeding tube has now been removed and she is eating on her own and doing very well.

July 2009 - A woman's ankle is healed by putting her feet in the stream
(Editor's note: Melanie and Jerry setup a small water stream next to the labyrinth)

August 2009 - A woman with an injured foot was 95% healed while in the labyrinth!

December 2009 - Our waitress at the local restaurant was experiencing terrible hip pain. She could barely walk. I placed her name in the prayer box and placed it under the bench in the labyrinth. Two days later, Jerry was having lunch there and she came up and said "Thank you - I am much better"


About Crystal Skulls and a Report of our visit from Melanie's site:


What Are Orbs?
(written by Melanie)

TRUTH - no one really knows. There are many theories. My goal with this page is to give you as much information as possible and allow you to come to your very own conclusion.

I decided to include an Orb page because if you come out to the labyrinth after dark, and someone takes your picture, these round spheres of light will most likely be in your picture.

Where do Orbs hang out?

It is my opinion that Orbs can be anywhere. That's right - they are everywhere. They tend to show up at special events and also in sacred sites around the world.

How do I photograph them?

You need to have a camera that is able to pick up infrared light. Miceal Ledwith came up with a method to hold your TV remote control pointing toward your digital camera and hold down any button. Then look in your LCD screen of your camera and see if you detect a light. The more light, the better the camera can pick up orbs. The price of the camera is not so important as its ability to pick up the infrared light.

UPDATE: I have found through taking thousands of Orb pictures that the range of your flash is also an important factor. I have 2 sony cyber-shot cameras and they both do a great job of capturing orbs.

How do I get started?

Well, first I would recommend that you have an open mind. Be willing to accept these energy lights into your environment. Then go out after dark, put your flash on and start taking pictures. Then preview the pictures you have to see if any Orbs have shown up. Review the pictures on this website for the night-time pictures of Orbs and compare these pictures to your own. If you take pictures during the day, be sure to have your flash on. The orbs are able to show up easier if you use the flash. Be sure to check your lens for dust and smudges. Also, it is much easier if you can run fast, just in case your fear gets the best of you (just kidding).

( A photo taken during Friday night,  after the short intro talk, by one of the
attendees named Linda F.  Again this is a teaser of the type of photos we
will be sharing on the pages coming next - what are these Orbs?  Are they
Spirits?  Are they the Spirits of the Native American's who lived in this
area before?  Or could they be another form of life that exists with us on
another dimension which the modern cameras are sensitive enough to record? )

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photographs taken during our stay, go to:

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