( October 1999 )

This May Be
Your Last Opportunity
To Experience
The Sanctuary of
In A Sacred Way...

(IMPORTANT: Please read the information below,
the survival of Machu Picchu DEPENDS upon it!)

The mist-shrouded ruins of MACHU PICCHU, capture the imagination. They are the best surviving example of Inca planning and technology, and famous for the way they have been integrated with the spectacular mountain sanctuary that surrounds it. Machu Picchu has been a sanctuary for both body and spirit, allowing time and space to sit in contemplation and wonder at the mastery of a people who could create such a place in such harmony with its environment.

Machu Picchu was a sacred university where knowledgeable people practiced everyday spirituality. The fruits of their practice were power and enlightenment. To protect these very real and intangible values for all of humanity and future generations, the ruins and the incomparable mountain sanctuary around it were placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1983 and kept safe... UNTIL TODAY!

Now these qualities of Machu Picchu are being thrown aside to serve CORPORATE PRIORITIES. The project to build a Giant Hotel and Cable Cars will not only destroy the SANCTUARY but also endanger the mountain and the life of thousands of tourists.

I believe many people feel an inner calling to this sacred land in order to receive an activation of increased personal creative energy and spiritual illumination. MACHU PICCHU has proven to be an energy vortex where many people actualize more of their inner essence and self-expression, opening their hearts to a deeper, richer understanding of who they are and what they have come here to do.

Machu Picchu still offers the chance to slow down and savour its intangible gifts. There are quieter times in the morning and afternoon, gaps in the flow of tour groups and there is still room for one to step off the beaten track with time to connect with the special gifts this sacred place has to offer. However, to manage the large number of tourists that this project intends to attract, the way we experience Machu Picchu today will be changed forever. How? Project plans call for:

  • Creating new access and exit routes in order to reduce inevitable line-ups and bottlenecks. This would further damage the ruins.

  • Designing a one-way track around the ruins to resolve the
    congestion of tourists on the limited number of paths.

  • Making it compulsory to join a guided tour, in order to benefit from the efficiency of moving people in groups.

  • Limiting time allowed for visitors in the ruins in order to reduce the build-up in numbers that would otherwise happen if people stayed for a full day.

  • Restricting private wandering in the ruins, thereby marginalizing more and more people seeking a personal and private experience in favor of tour groups.

  • Establishing a tour 'script' to replace the ad hoc presentations of current guides. This would standardize the time for groups to spend in each site, and overall management of time and movement could be quantified.
Machu Picchu is not a Museum, nor is it a Peruvian Disneyland. The ancient people built it with and for sacred reasons. We can't let this happen!

THERE IS STILL HOPE! PLEASE VISIT: http://www.mpicchu.org/ to learn more about what is going on and how you can help protest.

We need your help, please share with your friends what you learned here and ask them to join us. Together we can stop this project. In my name and in the name of Machu Picchu and the entire Quechua Nation, Thank YOU!

In a sacred relationship we remain, Coyarimac.

October 18 to 26, 1999

Healing Journey to

Since this journey is being offered under special circumstances, we have lowered our prices as much as possible in order to provide an opportunity to everyone who has ever dreamed of experiencing Machu Picchu in a Sacred Way. But time is running out! November starts the rainy season in Peru, which would make this journey very challenging. Since the rainy season does not end until the following Spring in March or April, I fear that by then the qualities of what we have today in Machu Picchu will no longer be available to us.

Only $1,999 from Miami

Join us Now and bring your healing gifts to Machu Picchu.
We believe that together we can achieve a high level
of protection and reverse this situation.


The intent of this journey is to hold traditional
ceremonies at all the sites and to anchor the
power of our healing into Machu Picchu.


October 18, Home/Lima: Depart from your home to arrive in Miami some time before 9:00 p.m. EST. Meet Vera Shapiro, our tour coordinator, at American Airlines departure gate. Other coordinaters will be announced as the group evolves. Then we will depart from Miami and arrive in Lima. Welcome to Peru!

October 19, Lima/Cusco: An early morning flight takes us to Cusco, the Holy City, and Capital of the Incan Empire. Cusco, the Navel of the Earth according to the Incas, is situated 12,000 feet high in the Andes Mountains. We will then rest in order to acclimate ourselves to the elevation and to this timeless place where other dimensions open quickly and easily. Here we will begin to experience the magic of "stepping outside time", of leaving behind our self-limiting beliefs and negative habits and opening ourselves to deeper ways of being and seeing. The whole of our journey with this special group is an invitation to profound and soul-renewing transformation as well as to bring the best of our hearts to Machu Picchu.

October 20, Cusco: After many beautiful dreams and a good breakfast, a native guide will take us on a City Tour of Cusco. Cusco is a warm and lovely city and the memories of its ancient inhabitants are still alive. We will enjoy walking in the old streets, touching the original Incan walls, and visit the Qorikancha (enclosure of gold). It is said that at one time, it was the home of the 'Ancient Golden Sun Disc of the Motherland of Mu'. The Incas developed an advanced awareness of energy and the knowledge of how to utilize each vibration for growth and transformation. Each temple was build at a specific point of power and today we will experience the most important temples around Cusco. At Saksayhuaman a chakra balancing ceremony will be guided. Next, we will perform a purification ritual at Tambo-Machay and complete our day in Kenko, the Temple of the Four Elements. During today's journey we will connect to the energies of Earth and Sky, and ask for healing and guidance on our life issues.

October 21, Cusco/Urubamba Sacred Valley of the Incas: By bus we will journey through the Sacred Valley of The Incas and stop in many different places to enjoy the beautiful views, and feed ourselves with the energy of this magical and special Valley. Next, we arrive at Pisak the Condor Temple, a perfect setting to work with the bird tribes and the spirits of the Wind, and ask them to teach us how to fly and travel between the worlds. Next we will visit Ollantaytambo Village where the streets and houses are still the original Inca structures. This village is located at the end of the Sacred Valley. Here we also find the Incan 'Temple of the Sun', a place where the link between humans and Star People has been kept open for millennia. Tonight we will enjoy the amazing open sky of the Sacred Valley, where the stars will light our way as we journey to bring love, blessings and gratitude to Machu Picchu.

October 22, Urubamba/Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu: In the early morning we will board a train to Machu Picchu. The breathtaking view of the Urubamba Valley, where time stands still, will be a special preparation for our arrival in the Sacred White Stone City, known as the Eighth Wonder of the World. After we check into our hotel in the Aguas Calientes village, we will take our first journey to the Sacred City. Machu Picchu was a university where knowledgeable people practiced everyday spirituality. The fruits of their practice were power and enlightenment. As the current situation still permits, our first entrance into Machu Picchu will be through the front door, the Machu Picchu Principal Entrance. The Tinkuy ceremony ("Encounter with the Andes Gods and Goddesses") will help us to establish a bond with the spiritual powers of this extraordinary city in the clouds. At this moment, the Apus - the spirits of the Andes - will speak to your soul, possibly giving you some answers as to why you have traveled so far to connect with them during this moment of crises. When we return to Aguas Calientes, an optional hot spring bath meditation is available. Sweet dreams!

October 23, Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes: While all the visiting tourists are still sleeping, we will journey back to Machu Picchu and wait for the SUNRISE, for the 'God Inti' to shine its first rays of light on us. The Q'ero Incas believe that sometimes an entire spiritual lineage may speak through one individual who had attained a sufficient level of personal evolution and balance. During our Sunrise ceremony, through invocation, meditation and shamanic journeying, we will seek clear and vital communication with authentic spiritual teachers in some of the world's most mystical sites. One with Inti, we will bring illumination to Machu Picchu and to the mind of the people that can't see its real purpose as we pray for it's protection and preservation.We then continue exploring Machu Picchu to further develop our brotherhood with this Sacred Site. Free evening, have fun with local natives!!!

October 24, Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes: Another magic experience will be taking place in our personal and collective energy as we journey through the female side of Machu Picchu bringing joy, love, music, dance, healing and blessings to the sanctuary. The Condor Temple, the House of the Chosen Women, and the Mother Earth Temple, will be the sites where we will receive the female nurturing energy as we come to our own sacred space and connect with the beauty within. As we received nurturing, we will practice the sacred law of Ayni and give back to each site our love.

At night Machu Picchu comes alive; it is when the spirits of the mountains, stars, moon, priests, and priestesses of Machu Picchu enjoy the solitude and peace of this sacred sanctuary. After the other visitors have departed, we will ask permission of the spiritual guides of Machu Picchu to allow us to return. Under the light of Mama Kila ("Mother Moon") which by the way will be Full tonight, Heber will share with us the powerful vibrations of his Andes sacred music as we connect with the animal powers, including those native to the land of the Puma and the Condor, and invoke their help in bringing healing, insight and psychic protection for Machu Picchu, ourselves, and to those involved in this project of destruction.

In gratitude for all the gifts we have received from life and from all the spirits that had blessed us during this magical journey, we will pay our respects to PachaMama ("Mother Earth") and a native shaman will hold a traditional ceremony - a Pago ("Offering to Mother Earth and Divine Entities"). Beautiful!

October 25, Aguas Calientes/Cusco: An afternoon train from Aguas Calientes will take us back to Cusco. As a perfect setting for our Special Farewell Dinner we will enjoy the typical dances and music that Peru offers.

October 26, Cusco/Lima/USA: We will catch our return flight to Lima. Rest for the day and catch our evening flight to Miami at 11:00pm.

October 27, Miami/Home: Our flight will arrive in Miami airport at 5:45am.

We Welcome You Home after a
wonderful journey and Thank You for bringing
your love and spiritual healing gifts to Machu Picchu.

May the Apus Bless YOU!

Depending upon the number of participants attending, we may be able to
invite a Native America medicine woman/man, a Mayan Priest, and a
Tibetan Monk to join the Peruvian Shaman during our ceremonies.

We hope you can join us on this Healing Journey to Machu Picchu

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