Activations Ceremonies with “Max”

With Star Johnsen-Moser, July, 1995

In 1994, I received a letter from Doctor Terry Friedman, who I had met in my travels and knew had an interest in the crystal skulls. In this letter, he shared with me information about Star Johnsen-Moser, who was conducting what she was calling Activations working with “Max”, the Texas Crystal Skull. Included in this information was a short flyer listing the next activations plus Star’s address and phone number, so I called her. We had a very pleasant conversation (this was perhaps about February) and stay in touch ever since.

In the winter of 1993, I had received a mold of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, in the possession of author, Frank Joseph. During a class I did at a local bookstore, through the participants, we decided to do a session with the mold to see if other people could feel some unusual energy connected with the mold. Well one thing lead to another and more and more people became interested in this session, which we held outside in a friends backyard. During this time I was talking with Star and she decided to come to Chicago and participate. Her visit and sharing about “Max”, led to a visit by “Max”, JoAnn Parks and Star to Chicago in June of this year (1995). Actually we used the mold, and photographs of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull and did an activation, which was quite powerful for most of the people who attended.

Since the activations are sometimes included as part of the events offered in working with “MAX” by JoAnn Parks and Star Johnsen, I thought it might be a good idea to share with our readers what this Activation is all about. So please find on this page pieces of information that Star has shared with others and also some parts of her own booklet, about the Activation process. -Joshua

Description of the Activation

(From Star, Flyer sent out in early 1994)

In November (1993), I started spontaneously speaking a Sacred Language, which flows from my Spirit through my heart, and which is understood by the energy fields and the cellular memory. In December (of this year), my Guidance told me to speak this language to “Max”, the 36 thousand year old Texas Crystal Skull with whom I have had an on-going relationship over the past several years, and that he would respond to the language. Following this guidance, I worked with “Max”, aligning his energy fields as if I was working on a person, and within a few minutes, the hologram of an entire energy body emerged, with all chakras spinning, and a laser beam of ight shot from his heart into mine. When I had absorbed my fill, the laser shot down into the heart of the earth. This was perhaps the most profound spiritual experience I have ever had.

Since then, I have been receiving on-going telepathic communications from “Max”, and he has asked me to organize some group Light Activations, with him in some particular key locations. He wants me to serve as a bridge to facilitate crystalline matrix thought transference transmissions from the group consciousness he represents on the Pleiades.

Excerpts From The Activation Handbook: A Guide to Work with the Crystal Skull by Star Johnsen-Moser

Norbu Chin, a Red Hat Lama of the Tibetan Order, who used “MAX” as his most sacred healing tool.

On the flight back home (from Houston, Dec. 1993) to the Midwest I experienced unbroken telepathic communication from “MAX”. He informed me that he represented a group consciousness from the Pleiades, and that his mission was about “The Remembering” and about Oneness. He asked me to gather together groups of the Family of Light for Activations, specifying the locations and in which the Activations were to occur.

Lake Montezuma, Arizona 1st Activation (Feb. 1994) – The reason “Max” chose this site for the first Activation was because of the very sacred nature of the vortex there. The Hopis believe that they first emerged onto this planet from the Pleiades at this particular location.

Through this process, Star became familiar with a being called “Tak” that had a connection with “Max”. Here is some parts of how she described “Tak” as she became more comfortable to channel this being:

“Tak” is one of the roots on the Tree of Life, each root being one of the 12 tribes (or 12 disciples). “Tak” has come to gather together the fragments of his Spirit that have separated into individualized bodies on this level of expression, and he is shattering the walls of form and separation, so that this union may take place. When all of the scattered fragments are finally united in Oneness, then ‘Max’ will be reunited with his crystal body, and the Ascension of the Oversoul will take place into the next Octave of Oneness. And so it is with the other crystal skulls.

From the book The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak:

Enoch explained to me how the Brotherhood of Light first sought to upgrade intelligence upon this planet aeons ago, and that the first attempts in recent cycles of time took place in the Takla Makan Desert where the civilization of ‘Tak’ was evolved 36,000 years ago and reached over a vast area to what man has called South America. Great city areas were built and seeded with a great technology of the heavens so that Man could directly call upon the name of the Lords of Light while living in bodies that were of great light and of Light molecular density. After this experiment ended in disaster with the people of light intermarrying with the fallen off-spring of the Lords of Light, another experiment was generated in an area of the world known as Atlantis. (page 44)

It is very interesting that “Max” is said to be around 36,000 years old, and was found in Guatemala. I feel that the civilization of “Tak” was the expressio of our Oversoul, when it first entered this level of expression, and divided itself into separate bodies. “Max” is unlocking these cellular memories within us.

“Tak” is a being of Light from the region of Orion, the middle star in the belt. He embodies the lattice grid that intersects via Orion to humanity – spiritual humanity. He oversees the pentagonal geometric relationships that coordinates the above and the below. Without these relationships, Divine Human relationships, there could be no Divine Intervention. Always it is so that the dodecahedron geometry has been the connecting link to the stars, and all higher life forms of the Adam Kadmon image and similitude.

“Tak” invites all ones of Earth into His body, for He is a Christed Master, working through the holographic brain matrix of the crystal skull known as ‘Max’.

About Star: Star has been preparing for this mission since early childhood. Her grandfather, who was her first teacher, was a student of the Eastern Mystery Schools of discipline, an initiate of Yogananda, and a Rosicrucian.

During her extensive healing career, Star has studied numerous vibrational healing modalities, including Essene principles, color healing, polarity therapy, radionics and radiesthesia, naturopathy, flower seences and gem elixirs, crystal and gemstone healing, living foods therapy, Johrei, sound current meditation, electronic medicine, and Native American shamanism.

Star spent several years sharing a spiritual healing mission with Brother Angel, world famous psychic surgeon and spiritual healer from the Phillipines. After he made his transition into the Spirit World, he continued teaching Star how to allow Spirit to work directly through her. She is presently a student of and channel for many levels of multi-dimensional Light Beings and the Ascended Masters.

Star first met “Max”, the Texas Crystal Skull in June of 1987. This occured when JoAnn Parks called the T.V. Station in Houston, which had just broadcast a show about crystal skulls that a mutual friends of Star and Brother Angel had appeared on. JoAnn Parks invited the experts connected with this show over to her home to verify the authenticity of her crystal skull. Star’s friend told Mrs. Parks about Brother Angel, and “Max” was permitted to remain in their healing room for three days. This was how Star became acquainted with “Max” and the Parks.

If you would like to order a copy of Star’s booklet, discussed here, or wish to know when the next Activations will be held, Star Johnsen-Moser can be contacted at:

Star Johnsen-Moser, Route 3, Box 490, St. Joseph, MO 64505 (816)662-3606

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