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The Sasquatch People, book by Kewaunee Lapseritis shared by the crystal skull explorers

Amazing Book by Kewaunee Lapseritis

This is your opportunity to get this amazing book about the Sasquatch People by author, researcher and direct contactee, Kewaunee Lapseritis – you will read things about the Sasquatch you have never read before (direct information from them) as well as how they remain undetached via their ability to go into other dimensions. This race is very intelligent and kind and has been here on this planet longer than humanity. All of our friends can receive their copy of this book at a special discount and autographed. Check it out!!

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Crystal Skull Explorers Ebook #1

Crystal Skull Explorers – The Travel Log Series is a new series of e-books about our Travels and what crystal skulls we have the chance to meet on these travels. Travel Log #1 – Mexico City 2009 – deals with two amazing trips to Mexico City – check this book out now!!

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Rare Mystery Books

Thanks to the dedication of Mr. UFO, Tim Beckley, we are able to offer special books which are out of print for the visitors of our website. On this page are two key books, “Secrets of the Andes” by Brother Philip about mystical Peru and the secret brotherhood in Lake Titicaca and the Mysteries of Mt. Shasta. Also we have arranged for you to receive a discount too if you order through us!!

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Journey’s of the Crystal Skull Explorers E-Book (Full Edition)

To register to be one of the FIRST persons to get your  copy, please use the form below to register and we will contact you when it is ready!

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Healing and Intuitive Readings

The purpose of this reading is to offer a healing energy which is done by Katrina and an intuitive reading which is done by Joshua. Our readings are done on skype (with voice or voice and video) or by phone. We require a digital photo of the person the reading is for. We also send

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Your Unique Crystal Skull

If you have viewed our 9-10 Ounce Brazilian Crystal Skulls and would like to find out how to get a larger or smaller Crystal Skull then you are on the right page. Below you will find an on-line form to complete that will help guide us in the right direction as well as open our

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The Best Collection of Crystal Skull Products!!

These are some of the most spectacular new crystal skulls you can buy, so you can experience the extraordinary power of crystal skulls for yourself. These real crystal skulls have been meticulously carved in detail by dedicated carvers using only the highest quality of genuine natural crystals.

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Crystal Skull Shadow Lamp

Example of a Crystal Skull Shadow Lamp, showing four phases of the lamp. In the top left corner is the lamp in an off position showing an image of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”. In the top right corner, we see an image of a UFO appear inside of the Crystal Skull with a

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Crystal Skull Lamp and Shade

The Crystal Skull Lamp and Shade includes a two dimensional image of the crystal skull Mozes of Peace (the healing skull from Blue Arrow Rainbow) on the stand and a collage of various crystal skulls from the three contributors, floating in front of a Mayan temple on the shade. The photo to the left is

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